Feast days and small joys

Being Catholic is truly awesome. Today we celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas for the first time. We came into our living room this morning to find that St. Nicholas had left us some special little treats. Lucy was particularly thrilled when she figured out that there was chocolate in the little coin wrappers, and enjoyed playing with her new wooden blocks for most of the morning.

We are so blessed to be Catholic. There is always something to celebrate, to anticipate, to hope for and be thankful for. Today I was thankful that Ben was not working so we could spend some nice family time together. We took it easy for most of the day, had a nap, tidied up the house, and went up to my mothers for supper. We were supposed to all go to mass at 6pm but Lucy didn’t quite make it. She is working on going down to 1 nap a day instead of her regular 2 and was just too tired to start a new adventure at the end of the day (lesson learned for future weeks) By the time I came home from mass, Ben said she had been asleep since about 6:15pm. Normally that would shock me and I would anticipate and early morning, but I put her down at 6:30pm last night and she slept until 7:30am this morning!~ I wonder if it has anything to do with the days being so short and it being so dark outside. Either way, i’m not complaining.
This is the first year of my 25 years that I am actually ‘celebrating’ the Advent season and not just Christmas day. I think there is something about having children that makes you put forth a little more effort when thinking about holidays, traditions and making ordinary things seem special. I think the younger children are when you start traditions, the better, because traditions sometimes take a few years of working out the kinks before you are happy with the result (i.e our Advent calendar) and it’s nice to have it all worked out by the time they start remembering the traditions each year. Honestly, putting a bit of chocolate in your shoes and leaving a little gift sounds like no big deal and to some, it’s not. I find though, that being a SAHM I need to find joy in small ways, and I think i’m learning to do that a little at a time. Happy feast day everyone, I hope St. Nicholas found you!

One thought on “Feast days and small joys

  1. So cute! I wish I'd gotten a picture of Norah's boots with her treats in them. Oh, and I wish I'd thought to put something in Francis' shoes, too! And a Baby Mum-Mum might have fit in Simon's shoes… Oh well, I'll be more on the ball next year. 🙂

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