Peace & Joy

I remember very clearly that when we first moved here, I was feeling depressed. I felt that somehow I had signed up for a task that I could in no way accomplish, and that if I was less than thrilled in my vocation for one instant then I was a terrible person. I felt unsettled in my role as SAHM and wondered if I would ever truly be happy and fulfilled in being at home. Please don’t misunderstand what i’m saying. I have an amazing husband and gorgeous daughter, I am beyond blessed…but there is part of me that needs more. I need to still be my own person, separate from wife and mom. I need to be someone with interests and dreams and hobbies and aspirations, and I think somewhere along the way I forgot that I was allowed to still have all of that.

Being back in Halifax and away from the NET staff way of life has really forced me to look at how we live day to day and ask myself whether or not Jesus is present throughout our day. In desiring Jesus to be part of our day and inviting Him into it, He has truly come to live in our home. I find myself more peaceful in going about the mundane and finding true joy in making our home more beautiful in small ways.

We quite often go pick Ben up at work at 3pm but I am always so excited when Lucy naps through it and he takes the bus home. That may sound kind of mean, but the reason behind it is that we get to be here when he arrives. Lucy goes crawling like crazy to meet him at the door and I put on the kettle so we can sit and catch up on the day over a cup of tea and hopefully something sweet that i’ve made that week. This Advent is the first one where Ben and I feel like we’ve made a real effort to celebrate the season and not just the day of Christmas. It has been so peaceful here at the end of the day when normally it’s the worst time. Usually Lucy is toast by about 5 and there is lots of whining and tv and trying to just keep her happy until we can sit down and eat dinner together…butttttt since we began Advent, we’ve been eating by candlelight every night and just enjoying looking at the tree and reading books with her and playing blocks. Simple I know, but there’s something really wonderful about the glow of candlelight that brings a calm over all of us and helps us start to unwind after a long day.

Todays Advent activity was to dress up fancy for a candlelit dinner. Here is a picture of that:

It’s blurry I know. We had chicken broccoli fettucine for dinner and enjoyed the warm glow of the many many tea lights I lit around the room. It was so much fun to get dressed up for the heck of it and enjoy our dinner looking fine. I pray that your Advent is bringing you the joy and peace that you’ve been missing…xo


One thought on “Peace & Joy

  1. We, too, have really been enjoying eating by candlelight through Advent. Just tonight at dinner we decided we're going to keep it going even after Christmas, just because the mood is so wonderful. It shows our kids that sharing a meal together is special, so we do special things like burn stuff. 🙂

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