I cannot believe that my baby girl is a walker. Not just a walker, but a very proud walker! I love the look on her face when she is standing across the room and knows fully well that she can walk to me now…I could just eat her!! Although part of me is sad about this new independance, it really couldn’t come at a better time. With only 9-ish weeks left to this pregnancy I was beginning to wonder when she would take the leap and just do it already. My belly is getting pretty big at this point..some have called it a torpedo, and that has made it difficult to carry her around all the time. I am so proud of my little girl for her new found sense of independance, sigh, she is growing up farrrrr too fast for my liking…next thing you know she’ll be wanting a cell phone.

Lucy has also had a little growth spurt I think and can now reach the top of the table..ugh, this kind of sucks I will admit. I am now being forced to give up my key area of clutter-bugness and keep the table much tidier to keep her from grabbing everything. I slacked the other day and this was the result.. what a sweetie*

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