35 weeks

I had a Doctors appointment today in the city. Everything went well, baby seems to be growing at a normal rate, good heart rate, good blood pressure and all that jazz. I did get some rather exciting news though…this pregnancy I do NOT have gestational diabetes! Hoorayyyyyyyy!!!! I cannot begin to describe the relief, the peace and the pride I feel at being able to say that. Having had it with Lucy and needing to prick my fingers all day long and only narrowly avoiding insulin shots for the last few weeks of my pregnancy really scared me into eating healthier and being more active.

A few months after having Lucy, I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 30 pounds on top of what I lost naturally after having her. I know that it is unrealistic to assume that I will lose as much weight as I did the last time, but at least I don’t have as far to go this time to reach my goal. Being able to pick my children up, play with them on the floor, take them for walks means everything to me. I want them to see their mother eat healthily, take pride in her appearance and take care of herself. I think that when we run ourselves ragged, and put ourselves last every time, we do our children a disservice. Of course I want to serve my family and put their needs before my own but if I do these things to the point of not showering, not taking a few minutes away to pray/read/go for coffee or ever wearing makeup.. what does that say about me, not as a mom, but as a woman? A woman who still desires adult conversations, date nights and a clean outfit from time to time.

I am very thankful for a healthy pregnancy. Although I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by the things I want to accomplish before the baby comes.. I am also just very excited to meet this little person, to find out if it is a boy or girl that has been keeping me up with its hiccups and elbows. I can’t wait to hold my son or daughter for the first time and feel the instant expansion of my heart to make room for this new person in my life. As women, we are truly given a gift in bearing children. I remember the pride I felt when I handed Lucy to Ben for the very first time, to be able to give him the gift of our daughter and to see his eyes filled with gratitude for what I had just been through to bring her into the world.

Little baby, we may not have a freezer full of meals when you come, we may not have a spotless house, but we are ready to love you. We are ready to kiss and cuddle you, and share you with the world so that they can plainly see that God is alive and loves this world. God has an amazing plan for your life and I am truly humbled and blessed to be part of it…see you in a few weeks xo


One thought on “35 weeks

  1. Oh Katie… I'm so excited for you guys to meet your new little bundle! I can't believe you only have five weeks left to go. We're praying extra hard for you in this final phase of your pregnancy.On a personal note, thanks for the kick in the pants. I slack off BIG TIME when I'm spending the entire day in the house with just the kids. I didn't actually comb my hair today. 😛 Why does it make sense for me to dress up and put on make-up for friends or even strangers, but NOT for my own family? I'm gonna work on that. Thanks. 🙂

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