Special time with dad

Is there anything more beautiful than watching your husband and child bond? Not in my eyes.

In an effort to give me a weekly head break and for Ben and Lucy to spend more time together without me there, Ben decided to start having a weekly ‘Lucy and dad’ time. This is the third week running that on his day off Ben has taken Lucy to do something special just the two of them. Last week he brought her swimming at our local sports stadium for the first time. She had so much fun splashing in the big pool, chasing beach balls in the water and watching the other kids. All of that exercise wore her right out and she had a good long nap that afternoon.

Since she enjoyed it so much, he decided to take her there again this week. After hearing about how well it went last time I decided to tag along and watch from the upstairs area that has a cafe. I am so glad I went!!

I have never loved my husband as much as I did today, just watching him float our girl around the pool, being her protector, all the while teaching her how much fun it is to swim. But their water connection goes much farther back than this. From her very first bath until she could sit on her own, Ben would get into the tub with her and cradle her in his arms. I have no doubt that this is why she feels so safe in the water. On a side note, she recently started saying ‘bubble’ which is sooooo cute! it sounds more like bah-bo though

Lucy’s sense of wonder at the world around her never ceases to amaze me. We have so much to learn from our children and their perspective on life. There are many people who don’t know how to swim and I’m sure that of those people very few would even consider getting into the water, even wearing life jackets or being held by someone they trust. Then you have Lucy. She can’t swim. She doesn’t even know what swimming is. But it doesn’t stop her from getting right in there, so long as one of us is holding her. She trusts us. Even when she’s scared or hurt or unsure. How is it that a child who only says about 10 words has the ability to humble me and show me that it’s ME who complicates things in life? If she can trust Ben and I completely with all of our imperfections, how is it that I can’t seem to trust wholly in God who IS perfection? Whenever I feel like I’m getting ‘schooled’ by my daughter, it’s then that I’m certain I am called to this awesome vocation of marriage and motherhood.

Lord, thank you for the gift of our beautiful growing family. I thank you for my husband who fills my heart to overflowing with his love and patience with me. I thank you for Lucy, for her child like faith that challenges me to trust you even when it is difficult. I thank you for the little one growing inside of me who reminds me every day that life is a gift to be cherished and protected with all of my being. Thank you for this call to marriage and motherhood, please continue to strengthen this call within me as I seek you in our everyday life. Amen


One thought on “Special time with dad

  1. Dan and the baby definitely have a connection already and I love it! He will snuggle right up to my belly and kiss it and talk to the baby. The baby always responds with movements because s/he clearly loves Dad! We have a much harder time getting the baby to move for anyone else. And you're right, I love Dan more and more each time he does this. I can't wait to see that relationship grow and develop as the child is born and grows up.Great post!

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