Early Valentines day

We are finally all feeling better. As it turns out, we didn’t have food poisoning but a very nasty flu (I know this because it went away for a few days, and then started all over again). We even gave it to my mom and sister! It was a very long and draining week, and I can honestly say that I have not been that sick since I was a little kid. It was awful and I am so glad to be feeling better..just in time for this baby to be due! I am 39 weeks today and really hoping to go early.

Not knowing when this baby was going to make its appearance, I decided this afternoon that I would make Ben an early Valentine’s day dinner and surprise him. We picked him up from work and as we were leaving, he stopped in front of the stores flower shop and one of the ladies went into their back cooler and brought out this huge bouquet and handed it to him. At this point I start to laugh because I realize that he had the same thought I did earlier that day. Isn’t that cute? So we got home and gave Lucy an early dinner and put her to bed. Then it was our turn to sit and enjoy a quiet ‘grown up’ meal, just the two of us..with candles and flowers. It was so unexpected but very special to have an impromptu Valentines day date at home tonight. I have an amazing husband and am very grateful!!

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be about spending lots of money. Use what you have at home! We had a few steaks in the freezer that we bought on sale a few weeks ago and I was able to turn it into a special meal for him. After dinner he got to choose a ‘man movie’ for us to watch, a special treat since I’m not usually too keen on action movies. He felt loved and I loved having a chance to show him how much I appreciate all of his hard work and care for us gals!


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