Valentines day fun

I find a lot of Valentine’s day decorations pretty tacky. There are always lots of oversized stuff animals with cheesy sayings on their shirts, or cheap cardboard heart cutouts, handcuffs, and all of that random stuff that I refuse to pay money for. That being said, I really enjoy decorating for pretty much every holiday…it’s an excuse to celebrate and I am all for that!

I wanted something that Lucy could enjoy even though she is still young so I bought some of those window stickers that can be moved around for about $1.25 at the Dollarama and she has had great fun with those. My other idea was based on this. I don’t have a sewing machine so it took me forever to stitch it by hand, but the end result is so worth it. It only cost me $1 to make since it was 3 pieces of felt for $1 at Dollarama.

We also had a little Valentines day party which ended up being Lucy and her two little friends named Lucy and Sophie. Those girls were so cute running up and down the hall, eating all the little snacks we put out. I just love to watch them start to interact with one another. It’s such a fun age!

What are you up to this Valentines day?


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