17 months

My little Lucy turns 17 months old today. I actually can’t believe that she did it before the baby got here. I have seen so many changes in my girl in these last few months and cannot get over how quickly she is learning new things. She is using almost 40 words now (not all of them everyday mind you) and loves to feed and rock her baby doll. She tries to undress herself, loves brushing her own teeth, points out birds, puppies, babies and ‘minous’ (cats). I have enjoyed having these 17 months just her and I..they have been precious to me and will always be. Bringing a new baby into the mix has us all a little nervous but we look forward to embracing this little one into our joyful chaos! I remember before Lucy was born how I worried that having a baby would change our marriage and I was scared. Now I don’t know how we ever lived without her in our lives! She brings such joy and light into our lives and I know this new baby will be the same way.

I wanted to take a few photos of her this morning sporting the purple polka dot cardigan that she chose to wear today but she was obviously far more interested in playing with the camera than being photographed by it. Darn. Here is the result haha

This one is much better..although I will warn you..she was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when I took it..so sue me. I’m 41 weeks pregnant today and I reserve the right to let my kid watch cartoons until this baby comes out darnit! Here is my sweet girl…here’s hoping I have another sweet girl or boy very soon to show you!!



One thought on “17 months

  1. Beautiful! I love your little bilingual lady. 🙂 I'm sure she'll love being a big sister. 17 months is a great age for her to become one too. She'll never remember life before Baby A2. It will be like he or she was always there. As for the cartoons, as a preggo Momma with 2 kids already, I must confess that CBC kids has become a part of our AM routine too so I can sit down for a few minutes. Hannah's saying special prayers for your, Ben, Lucy and your baby. Best of luck and may Baby come out before he or she is evicted! (Stephanie P—-r)

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