3 weeks

It is so hard to believe that Abigail was born 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Hard to believe because it feels like it just happened yesterday, but also because it feels like it happened months if not years ago. My recovery this time around has been much faster and I am so grateful for that. Abbie is gaining weight and getting those sweet little chubby cherub cheeks. Lucy is doing great as a big sister, always wanting to kiss her little sister and asks for her first thing in the morning. She never just says ‘Abbie’ though..it’s more like a chant ‘AbbieAbbieAbbieAbbie’ It’s very cute!

I will admit that I am really tired and my back is sore from all of the intense breastfeeding marathons Abbie has been having the last few days. She seems to be going through a phase of only going to sleep when she is on me, she doesn’t even have to be nursing, just touching my skin and she’s out like a light. The minute I put her down, she is WIDE AWAKE! I don’t really remember that happening with Lucy, but it’s probably because I was so tired from her doing it that I don’t even remember! haha! I could use your prayers for this friends..we need to get more rest around here. Other than that, she is growing beautifully and bringing us a lot of joy.

I can see that having both girls so close in age is going to be a blast as they grow up but right now it’s pretty hard. It’s silly but I find it really difficult to admit that i’m struggling..I don’t want to come across as anything but thankful for our 2 healthy girls. I know that soon enough Abbie will differentiate her days from her nights and we will get into a groove but right now my inner control freak is finding the lack of schedule totally madening. Thankfully we had a months worth of lunch/suppers in the freezer so that has been awesome!

Well, I better get going..the quiet only lasts for so long and I want to enjoy it when it comes 🙂 Blessings!


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