Abbie just turned 1 month yesterday and we are still getting adjusted, and I think we will be for awhile yet. I am loving my 2 girls and all of their smiles, warmth or love. It’s feels weird sometimes to fast forward their lives in my head and see them as my sister Kerri and I who are only 15 months apart..getting ready for dances together, playing on the same sports teams, having the same friends. There were many times that I didn’t want to share everything with her but now that we’re 24 and 25 I see it is such a gift. Kerri is in the hospital today being induced to have her very first baby!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled about becoming an Aunt for the first time (in my own family, we have 2 nephews on Bens side). It was so awesome being pregnant at the same time and experiencing all of the little joys and sadnesses throughout it. Kerri and I could not be more different but I love my sister to death. I love in the movie Cheaper by the dozen when one of the older sisters says about one of her younger sisters, “Sometimes I want to kill her, but I would kill for her all of the time”

Lucy has become such a cute big sister, always wanting to play with Abbie..say hi to her, touch her and tries to rock her in the car seat saying ‘uh uh uh’..melts my heart. I look forward to seeing them bond and play together as Abbie gets older. Anyways, i’m not going to be updating very often for the next little while, I really need to get settled into some kind of routine to keep my sanity 🙂


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