Divine Mercy Sunday

Our little family had a very joyful day as we welcomed Abigail into the Catholic church through Baptism. The morning started off a little hectic as we had to get ourselves ready, both girls and make sure all of the food prep was ready for our BBQ lunch after mass. We then showed up for mass late which is highly embarassing but normally you can slip into the back unnoticed. Not.this.time! They held up the mass for us! then we had to do the walk of shame to the FRONT ROW by the Baptismal font. I quickly got over all of this as the mass began and I got swept into the readings and the joy of having my daughter baptised and made a new creation in Christ. It was so special that she was able to be baptised on the feast of Divine Mercy. What better day!

As I held Abigail and watched Fr. Zach pour the water over her head, I felt myself being filled with hope. I kept thinking “She belongs to you Jesus, and you have a plan for her beyond anything I can give her” I felt excited about what God has in store for her life, and Lucy’s for that matter. I know that God has amazing plans for my girls and I know that His dreams for them are even bigger than mine are as their mother.

After mass we came home and had a lovely BBQ lunch with some family and a few friends (We missed you Jaclyn & Francis!!!) and celebrated little Abigail Miriam Therese. *Sigh* my little baby is growing up! I can’t believe she is already 6 weeks old. I am going to hold her a little longer and closer and smell that sweet baby smell while I still can.


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