Getting back on the bandwagon

I will be the first to admit that once I got pregnant with Abbie, I totally put my healthy eating habits to the wayside. I had been doing Weight Watchers for about 5 months and had lost a little over 30 pounds. It was easy most of the time but there was something about being pregnant that made me feel entitled to gorge myself on snacking at all hours of the day and night. I went back to my big bowl of ice cream and 1/2 bag of chips old ways..*sigh*

I gained 35 lbs while pregnant with Abbie and lost about 20 of that since having her (with no real effort thankfully) But it is now time to get back on the bandwagon. I have run out of excuses and I just feel blah. The weather just gets nicer every day and with Abbie being 7 weeks old tomorrow, i’m not feeling nearly as paranoid about her getting sick from the cool fresh air. Although I am not officially joining WW just yet, I know the system and i’ve got great support from my hubby.

My two goals for this coming week are to drink more water and to eat more vegetables. I’ve got a crockpot full of Minestrone soup going on the counter which should help me get on my way. I wrote down everything that I ate and drank yesterday and noticed that by 5pm I had not had a single glass of water. Not cool! and not good for a breastfeeding wonder i’ve been getting headaches. Maybe next week I will try to get more exercise in. I am seriously dreading starting my 30 day Shred even though it was so successful last time..Jillian Michaels scares me! haha

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Getting back on the bandwagon

  1. Katie, your success with WW was a big part of what gave me the courage to start up again! Even though I've been doing it without actually *joining*, I've been having great success – right now I weigh less than I did when I got married. 🙂 I've found some really great online resources to help me figure things out, and people like you keep me motivated by reminding me it CAN be done!! And since you've already done it once, I know you'll kick some a$$ again this time. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jaclyn! I'm slowly getting excited about getting back into it. I know I will feel much better when I am eating well again, and so will Ben and Lucy (not that Lucy is all that keen on veggies but oh well) There are some great websites online with recipes. I really like the Hungry Girl cookbook but not big on her website since they send too many emails. Glad to hear it's going so well for you!! Keep it up mama!

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