Hey Jude!

My sister and her husband were recently transferred to Moncton, NB. They were starting their house hunting trip today but decided to go up a day early so that we could come see them. We thought it would be the perfect chance to meet our new nephew! So we packed up our girls and headed to Moncton for an afternoon. We had a lovely visit together! We took the kids for a walk down Main Street, Lucy got to swim in the pool, and Kerri and Joel treated us to a delicious supper in the hotel restaurant. We didn’t do anything major since we both have little ones that need to feed pretty often, but it was so great to see my sister as a mom for the first time. She is doing such a beautiful job with Jude, and I am so proud of her! She seems so relaxed for a first time mom.

Although i’m sad that they don’t live here, their move is bringing them 4hrs closer than they were, which is a huge improvement! It only took us 2 1/2hrs to get to them. I am grateful to have her living closer and hope that our kids will get a chance to grow up knowing each other and having fun together. Please excuse the lighting in these pictures as we were in a semi dark hotel room.

I absolutely love my new little nephew. He is quite the little man, i’m sure you will agree.. I can’t believe how much he looks like his daddy. Unreal. What a cutie pie! It’s so awesome have nephews (Ben’s sister has 2 boys) since we don’t have any boys of our own yet. I hope we will get to have a son one day! But for now, I will enjoy my very sweet little Jude.


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