TV update

Well, we made it through the week. I can’t say that we watched as little TV as I had hoped, but we did watch significantly less. I managed to keep the TV off completely most days and only a few times in the week did Lucy end up watching The Wiggles while I made supper. I haven’t shared it here yet, but my hubby started a 2nd job a few weeks ago and that has left me tackling supper,bath and bedtime on my own 5 out 7nights a week. Despite this, i’m doing my best to keep Lucy engaged in other activities and she has asked for Elmo a little less every day. Her favorite things to do right now are colour with either crayons or pens, and play with stickers. She just takes them off of the sheet and sticks them to paper. I’m hoping to get her set up on a stool in the kitchen with me soon to start helping more since she loves to be in there when I am. We have done some baking together but I have set it all up on my kitchen floor (which was clean) but it would be much easier and more fun at the counter.

Being home alone 5 evenings of the week can become pretty lonely at times, and a little boring. Not watching TV made the time pass a little slower but it was great to get other things done, enjoy a little bit of quiet and to just say no to crappy tv shows like Say yes to the dress. Honestly. Although I do enjoy tv, I know that with the summer months coming we will keep it turned off more often than not and get outside for some fresh air. I am looking forward to consistently nice weather! Hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend..I have something special to write about later when I get a chance. A great visit with my girls new little cousin!


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