A spring day

The weather lately has not been ideal for taking the girls out for a walk. We’ve had rain off and on, and gloomy looking skies. I was surprised when the sun broke through this afternoon, and quickly got Lucy’s coat on so she could play on the patio while Abbie was napping. I put her hat on since it was a little windy, but it was not the hat that she wanted to wear. This was the compromise we came to..

I’ve been wondering a lot of things lately..

Will Ben’s residency ever come through?

Will we ever be able to buy a house?

Will Ben always have to work 2 jobs, or he work one and I work the other?

We are going through a really difficult time right now with Ben working so much. He is noticing more and more that Lucy doesn’t want him to do things, but wants mama to do it. I feel for him. I know that he wants to be here and not out working, but Lucy doesn’t understand that. She won’t ever remember him being gone so much when she’s older, but right now it’s hard on all of us. I miss Ben so much lately. It has been lonely in the evenings without him, but I am holding on to hope. Jesus has walked with us through so many things and I know He is not about to stop. I have to keep telling myself that this is temporary, the girls won’t always be so young, and cry so much. I am grateful though, that for the most part, I can fix what’s wrong with a hug, it won’t always be so as they get older.

Today, I am strong and trusting in Jesus, that just like the sun came out today unexpectedly..it will continue to do so.


2 thoughts on “A spring day

  1. Katie, I am right there with you. Chance works two jobs as well, so he's gone from 530am until (if we're lucky) 10 or 11 at night 5 days a week. The only day I know he'll be home for sure is Sunday and it goes too fast. I'll keep you all in my prayers, I know how hard it is… and now that Nathaniel is here I know how hard it is with two little people. Stay strong Mama, things will work out. Laura

  2. Katie, we'll be offering loads of extra prayers for you and Ben and your lovely little family to get through this tough time. I can't imagine how hard that is on the four of you, be assured that we'll be offering some major heaven storming for you guys. Especially with regards to the residency…all told it took more than two years to get Andrew's sorted out, we pray that you guys will not be kept waiting any longer on this…stay strong for now, God's got a beautiful plan in store for your family 🙂 (and yours too laura 😉

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