Lucy’s Garden

I want to teach my girls not only to eat healthily, but also about where our food comes from and how it grows. With the weather getting nicer by the day, I thought it might be time to try planting a few little seeds. Lucy was very excited to plant her very own little vegetable garden with Daddy. She is growing lettuce, carrots and yellow string beans..all on our apartment balcony. Clever little thing, isn’t she?

I won’t be around for a few days since tomorrow is Mother’s day and then my birthday is on Tuesday! Hooray! I hope all of you yummy mummy’s have a fabulous Mother’s day, and get spoiled like the queens that you are!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lucy’s Garden

  1. Love the garden! I have a question though: What kind of containers will you transplant your veggies into? I don't have a place here that's ideal for a veggie garden yet, and I think it's too soon to dig up a part of our lawn, so I'm hoping to transplant our carrots and peppers into some containers. I just don't know what kind is best, especially for carrots!

  2. Although we haven't purchased any containers as of yet, I was reading that any container will do really, so long as it is deep enough. I bought our seeds and container at Canadian Tire, and while I was there I saw that they had all kinds of containers. The ones I like would be of a similar rectangle shape but more sturdy and made of a hard plastic. Here is a link that may give you some ideas:

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