Quiet Mornings

I wake up nice and warm in my bed. I reach out to Ben’s side. He has already left for work. I look up at the alarm clock on his nightstand. 6:05 a.m. Do I try to steal an extra few minutes of sleep before the day begins? or do I get a head start on my girls? For almost 2 weeks now, I have chosen the head start. And my mornings have been blessed.

Having children has certainly changed many things about my life. One of those changes has been sleep. Lucy is usually the alarm clock as she calls out ‘mama’ or ‘o-meals’ (oatmeal) anywhere between 6:30-7:00 a.m. But lately, God has been blessing me with some really peaceful mornings. Everyday around 6 a.m. He wakes me up, with Ben gone to work and both girls fast asleep, I have a choice. I get up, pray a little, make my coffee and breakfast and enjoy it in silence. I check my Facebook, listen to some praise and worship music, read blogs and enjoy the time that I have alone. Some days it’s 10 minutes, others it’s an hour.

Growing up in a family with 4 children, I never really had much time alone or privacy. My sister and I shared a room until I went on N.E.T, and continued to share the room when I returned. Truth be told, the only time I have had my own room was for the duration of my stay in New Zealand. Even then though, I still had 3 housemates. I never pictured myself to be someone who needed alone time. I liked being in the middle of all the action. Then I did a second year of N.E.T All of a sudden I was craving time alone. On our days off, I would leave the house fairly early and then not come home until late in the evening. It felt so good to be in the silence and let Jesus slowly recharge my batteries. Ever since that year, I have desired some quiet time and try to make it part of my day when I can.

If you’re thinking i’m crazy for getting up so early in the morning, I don’t blame you. I have read many blogs were the women suggest getting up before your children, and I thought they were insane. I would think, “I’m already getting up too early!” Why would I do that?? I know my self well enough to know at this point, that I am more loving, joyful, patient and giving when I have had time to pray and relax. I am better able to care for those around me, and will likely be more generous, because I have already had my “me” time for the day.

Whether it’s sitting on your couch, on the beach, or taking a walk first thing in the morning, one thing I know for sure is that Jesus looks forward to seeing us each day. He loves us like no one else on this earth. All we have to do is rise and greet Him!

Here is something that may help you start your days with the same peace and refreshment that I have been starting mine with. Many Blessings to you today!


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