The Creative Family

Like many moms out there, I sometimes run out of ideas on how to spend our days at home. I often draw inspiration from different places online and Soulemama is one of those places. When I saw that she had a book filled with activities and projects for little ones, I decided to buy it online. I am so very glad I did!

She encourages parents to create things with their children, but also to create for yourself. And for the love of it! Often times I get a creative itch but i’m never sure how to scratch it. My mom taught me some basics of knitting while I was pregnant with Abigail, and I have continued to practice. I have a little bit of embroidery going that i’m just learning to do. The one thing I can do is sew. I really enjoy sewing..but I don’t have a sewing machine. Sigh. I think I will start borrowing my mothers, because there are so many wonderful little things I could make for my girls, and for our home.

Up until recently I have been hesitant to do crafty things with Lucy in fear that she would eat whatever we were playing with. I’ve read about letting your children play with dried pantry goods (beans, rice, lentils) but had never given it a try. This morning I gathered a few random kitchen utensils, and a big bowl of dried split peas and set them up on our coffee table for Lucy. I kid you not, she played with it for nearly an hour. For a 19 month old, that is a long time to do any just one thing. It was so great to see her enjoying something for so long that cost me absolutely nothing and required only her imagination and curiosity.

There has been lots of talk on blogs lately about Un-toys and how our children don’t need expensive, flashy toys that only do one thing. The idea is to help them use their imaginations and let them get creative with random objects from around the home. What child doesn’t love playing with a bowl full of buttons? or a bucket of water and measuring cups? If we can broaden our perspective on what can be considered a toy, we would see that our homes are filled with little treasures that our kids can have fun with. We are trying to have more fun with the things we already have and can enjoy. I suppose that counts as recycling!

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but we just moved Abigail into our spare room/computer room so I haven’t had many opportunities to blog. Hopefully once she is sleep trained we will be putting her in Lucy’s room. Hope you are all having a great week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Creative Family

  1. Katie, I loved this book too! I got it as a Mother's Day from Patrick and Noah and I loved all the ideas. You should have a look at her other book, too!! ALthough I recommend you just take it out of the library because while I liked "Handmade Home" I don't think it's worth owning.

  2. good to know Jenna, thank you! I would like to have a look at "Handmade Home" because there is a beautiful beach blanket that I would like to learn to make.

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