Last summer we spent nearly every day up at my mom’s house enjoying her back yard and pool, but now that I have both girls it’s just too much work to take them there so often. So, after a very fun afternoon of swimming over at her friends house, I thought it might be nice for Lucy to have a pool of her very own.

This morning when I showed her the pool on the deck, she immediately started saying, “ouside ouside!!” but of course, you know the Maritimes..30 degrees one day, 12 the next. Feeling sad that she couldn’t go outside, I brought the pool into the living room and she just sat in it for the longest time. Finally, I thought, “what is the only sensible thing to do when it’s too cold to swim outside?” Swim in the kitchen of course!! We set up the pool in the kitchen with some towels, and I plopped her right in. She had a blast, and I was able to get some cleaning done in the kitchen while she played happily for about an hour.

What are some randomly fun things you’ve tried with your little ones? I’m always up for some silly fun!


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