Making Sushi

When I was living in New Zealand, Ben and I would drive out to Pukekohe every few weekends and visit with his parents. Quite often while we were there, his mother Diane would teach me to cook different things. One of my favorite things she taught me to make was sushi. Oh, how I love sushi! It’s so good for you, easy to make, and there are so many variations of flavours. Let’s have a look, shall we? First up, you will need the following things:

-Short grain, Calrose rice (I just call it sushi rice)
-Smoked salmon or tuna or chicken or just veggies
-Whatever ‘toppings’ you would like, I chose cucumber, red pepper and avocado
-A sushi mat (can be found at most grocery stores or asian markets)
-Soy sauce or Wasabi for dipping
-A small dishcloth or facecloth
-A spoon for spreading the rice
-Nori (Seaweed) sheets for rolling
Start out by cooking your rice. I used 2 1/2 cups water to 1 cup rice, with 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp margarine. FYI: I needed to make 2 batches of rice like this to have enough. It made 5 sheets worth of sushi. Anyway, let your rice cook about 10 minutes or until it starts to look a little gluggy. Take it off of the burner and let it cool a bit.

While your rice is cooking, you can slice up your ‘toppings’ and set them aside. Also, wet your dishcloth or facecloth and put it on the counter. This will stop your sushi mat from sliding around. Then wet your sushi mat and place it on top of the dishcloth.

Once your rice is slightly cooled and you have everything else set up, it is time to assemble your sushi. With a spoon, begin slowly spreading the rice out onto the Nori sheet. Remember, the thicker the layer of rice, the larger your rolls of sushi will be. Cover about 3/4 of the sheet, leaving the 1/4 of the sheet the furthest away from you empty. Now lay your ‘toppings’ onto the rice. We used smoked salmon, red pepper, cucumber, but you can use anything you like really.

Using the sushi mat as a guide, hold the ‘toppings’ with your fingers and begin rolling the mat forward with your thumbs. Do this far enough to get a little roll, then let go of the mat and keep rolling forward until you get a nice roll of sushi. Dip the tips of your fingers into a bit of water and use them to seal the end of the Nori sheet. For each sheet, dip your sushi mat into cold water and place it on your cloth. This helps the Nori stick to the sheet so you can work with it. Once you’re done rolling your sushi, put them in the fridge with saran wrap until ready to serve. Then cut up the ‘logs’ of sushi and serve with soy sauce or Wasabi. This makes a great appetizer for a crowd, or a tasty, healthy dinner for the family. This is also a great date night-in recipe for two! Enjoy! Here are my lovelies, who did indeed enjoy it 🙂

Abbie didn’t have any, obviously, but seemed happy to watch us eat!

Please keep in mind that this is a very basic way to make sushi. I’m sure there are many fancier ways of doing it, but I am simple and grateful to know how to make it at all!! Hope you get a chance to try this! It’s delicious.


2 thoughts on “Making Sushi

  1. Yum! This is how I learned to make it as well. So much fun! How did Lucy like it? I'm not sure I could convince Benjamin to try it 🙂 Cute family you've got there!

  2. Lucy really enjoyed it! mostly because of the rice I think. Next time I think i'm going to try and make it with the rice on the outside, like an inside out sushi roll. I think she would like it even more.

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