How to make a whole bunch of people happy

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ at my mom’s house. It will be a reunion of sorts for my mom and her best girlfriends from when we were growing up in Cape Breton, along with most of their children that we played with. We are expecting about 16 people, not including the little ones like Abigail. My mom, knowing how happy I would be to do it, asked me to bring a dessert. With this many people to feed, I came to a delicious conclusion. Chocolate Triffle. Just typing it makes me salivate. Ha! There are many variations on a triffle, this is just one that my ‘Tante Marie’ makes. Here is what you will need:

-Chocolate cake mix (and whatever you need to make the cake)

-Coolwhip (kept in the fridge so you spread it easily)

-Chocolate pudding (and whatever you need to make it)

-4 Skor bars (crushed up)

*Missing in the picture is the huge glass bowl that everything will go in, as well as 4 Skor bars and the milk for the chocolate pudding.

Prepare the chocolate cake mix and pudding according to the instructions on the back of the box. When the cake is totally cooled and your pudding it set, cut one of the cakes up into chunks while still in the pan. Layer the cake into the bottom of your triffle bowl. Then put a layer of chocolate pudding on top, then a layer of coolwhip. Top the coolwhip with some crushed up Skor bars. Repeat the whole process. Keep in the fridge until ready to serve. Triffle is always best prepared at least a few hours before served, if not the night before. This gives it time to settle and lets the flavours combine into heavenly goodness.

I have never met a person who didn’t like Triffle, it’s always a huge hit. You could use toffee bits instead of Skor bars, or if you’re like me..I usually put a little Kahlua or Bailey’s on top of the pudding layers. Yum!

As I was putting this together, I quickly realized that I had either way too much cake or not enough bowl. Ha! So, I wrapped up the rest of the cake and put it in the freezer for another day. The only thing better than triffle, is impromptu triffle! When all was done, I took some out to my back porch and enjoyed the last minutes of the sun..

and ignored all of this until I was ready to deal with it. Happy baking to you!!

*Just a can do this by making chocolate cake from scratch and using whipping cream if you so desire, and it will taste every bit as good. I just prefer this way since it’s a little faster.


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