Prayer cards

I’ve decided to follow my friend, Jaclyn’s lead this month and get crafty when I have some spare moments. Several months ago, I ordered this book online. It had some great ideas on how to teach toddlers about the faith on their level. One of the ideas I really liked, was the idea of helping your child start off their day in prayer.

Most mornings I roll out of bed and pray a daily offering before I do anything else. I thought it might be nice to start doing something similar with Lucy. In the book, “Guiding your Catholic preschooler”, the writer includes a short prayer for little ones to memorize through daily repetition. Although Lucy is generally very gentle with paper and books, I thought it would be wise to cover the paper with packing tape to protect it. I made little prayer cards by simply writing out some prayers on computer paper with markers, cutting them out and wrapping packing tape around them. This way, Lucy can handle them and I won’t be worried that they’ll get ruined.

I’m going to try and pray this little daily offering with her before we leave her room in the morning. Throughout the day, Lucy will often look at me with her little hands together and say ‘pray, pray’ and so we do! We pray for people, we pray to bless our food, to say thank you for the sunshine, and all sorts of things. It amazes me that my 20 month old would want to pray and gets so excited about pointing out ‘jeez’ (Jesus) on every cross. Do you pray with your kids? If so, what do you do? and do they seem to like it?


One thought on “Prayer cards

  1. Katie, this is beautiful! This is MY kinda craft 😀 Simple and sweet!Our morning offering we say with Noah is like this: Good morning, dear Jesus, this day is for You. I offer You all that I think, say and do. I have been lax at saying it with him, though. Thank you for reminding me!

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