1st trip to the Emergency Room

We had an eventful day yesterday. I wish I could say it was exciting, or even good. But, the truth, is that we spent most of yesterday’s late afternoon and part of the evening in the emergency room. It was our first trip to the emergency room with our girls.

Since it was Ben’s day off yesterday, we thought we would head to Dartmouth crossing to get some diapers and go for a little stroll. When we were walking along with the double stroller, Lucy kept asking to get out and walk. I thought I would let her walk alongside us for a little bit, and she wanted to hold our hands and do the ‘1,2,3 weeee’ I don’t know that that game even has a name. Anyway, so we were swinging her and then she just started crying and Ben looked at me and said, “I felt something pop in her arm”. She kept saying bobos (ouch) and holding her arm so we got in the car and made our way home. When we had almost reached home, she was still crying and kind of protecting her arm so we decided to take her to the Emergency room. They assessed her and said she had ‘pulled elbow’ which is apparently very common in little kids since their bones and joints are still so soft at this age. Lucy cried and cried in Ben’s lap while they maneuvered her little arm around and popped her elbow back in. They wanted us to wait there awhile and see if she went back to playing normally with it. After almost an hour, she still wasn’t using that arm so they called us in to see a Doctor. At that point, it was almost 6:30pm and Abigail, poor thing, was getting really tired. I gave her a good feeding and sent her home with Ben so that I could stay with Lucy. Shortly after they left, we saw the Doctor and she wanted Lucy to have xrays done. Try holding a 20 month old perfectly still when they are in pain, and surrounded by scary looking machinery. Not so fun. The xrays came back being positive. The alignment in her arm seemed to be perfect from what they could tell so the Doctor sent us home. She said that it will probably bother Lucy for a few days and after that if it persists, then to come back in and have it checked again.

I was so totally impressed with the staff at the Hospital. We had a lovely nurse named Jen who kept coming by and making Lucy laugh, and brought her stickers. We hadn’t had dinner yet so she brought over some cheese and crackers and a juice box for Lucy. The staff was patient and helpful and made every effort to get us out of there at a decent hour since they could tell Lucy was getting tired. We were home by 8pm and gave Lucy a quick dinner and put her down.
After we had put Lucy down for the night, I realized a few things. The first being that I hadn’t cried at any point through all of this. Normally, I would have been the first one to get really emotional over something like this. But, I think the reason that I didn’t, is because my darling Lucy is a very sensitive girl. I knew that if I showed any kind of worry or fear on my face, she would see right into that and be even more upset. I also had to keep my head on straight because I had to figure out how to be there with Lucy, while I still needed to breastfeed Abigail. The other thing I realized, was how amazing my husband is. Not that I didn’t already know that, but it was confirmed again in watching him be so tender with Lucy while she was hurting. When Lucy and I got home from the Hospital, Ben had put Abigail down for the night and had dinner ready for us. Ben is a real man of strength. He knows when to step up, when I need him to take over, but also when to be gentle and let me do what I need to do. I am thankful for him everyday, but especially on days when one of our girls is hurt or sick.

This morning, Lucy is still not using her arm or feeling like herself. I know it will just take a few days before she gets back to being herself. As I was tidying up after breakfast this morning, I felt the tears well up inside of me. Suddenly, I was grateful to God for this ‘pulled elbow’. I was grateful that that was the extent of her bobos. I cannot imagine having a child with Leukemia, or having to go back and forth to the hospital to have procedures done on a regular basis. We are so blessed to have healthy and beautiful children, and if nothing else good came from this whole situation, then that is what I learned. To be more grateful for the health that I so often take for granted, and to pray for those families who are not as fortunate as ourselves in that department.

3 thoughts on “1st trip to the Emergency Room

  1. Oh my goodness, it sounds like you had a little bit of a scary day yesterday. The good news is that in the long run, Lucy will not have any adverse reaction or consequences from this… I say this from experience: When I was probably around Lucy's age, my Dad was holding my hand and leading me up the stairs in our house so I would nap. I did NOT want to nap, so I dropped my body down while he was still holding my arm pretty tightly and ended up dislocating my shoulder. I had to go to the hospital as well, etc. But I have no memory of this and no shoulder problems either.Hope that Lucy starts to feel 100% soon and that you all have a blessed day today!

  2. wow kate, you are so well with words! I am so glad for your healthy family! We pray for you everyday and love you all so much. I am sure Lucy will come around sooner than later. Sending all our love your way. xoxMatante kerri

  3. Hi KatieThis is really touching. I love the IWK and have full confidence in their doctors and nurses. I know how hard it is when your precious girl isn't feeling well and you sound like you handled it like a pro. Good for both of you.Working in hematology at the IWK I had seen so many sick kids, kids with cancer and a lot of chronic kidney patients as well. They are always full of life and energy and optimistic. It's not them I feel for but the parents, since I could not imagine going through that.After Sophie started her 3rd run with antibiotics in 2010, I had nightmares and break downs about it happening to us, and couldn't sleep until I'd seen her blood work.I thank God every day for the good things in our life, that being at the top. It's in my nature not to ask for a lot in my prayers, since I believe God will give me what I can handle, but I always always always thank Him for what we have. We hope little Lucy feels better soon. What a little heartache!Tori and Sophie

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