Mary Poppins Bag of Tricks

Now that I have two lovely babes and a husband, my travelling spirit is having a bit of a rest. One day when the babes are all grown and gone, we will fill our little suitcases and take Europe by storm!! These days, I am content to have mini-trips. And let’s be honest, mini-trips=groceries, going to the mall, Church on Sundays. Now that we are starting to get some sunny weather, I seem to have this itch to get out of the house again. Living in an apartment with two small babes and no backyard to play in, is enough to make any mama a little crazy. Leaving the house with the girls is not always easy since there seems to be a million and one things to remember to bring.

Most mamas carry a diaper bag, or some variation of bag-for-all-my-kids-crap bag. But once beach season hits, the diaper bag suddenly doesn’t seem big enough for all the little bits and pieces I need to bring along. Enter the Mary Poppins bag. My Mary Poppins bag happens to be a huge tote bag with butterflies all over it (much nicer than it sounds, I assure you). This bag finds it’s way out every year when Summer begins. I have the following things in my ridiculously large mama bag:

*sunscreen (1 for kids, 1 for adults)
*hats for everyone
*beach blanket/towels (kept in the trunk of the car)
*change of clothes for each girl
*juice boxes
*box of granola bars
*bib for Lucy
*rattles for Abigail and a book or two for Lucy

At the last minute I throw in my wallet and cellphone and voila! We are out of the house very quickly. It may sound insane to have that much stuff in one bag, but I find being over prepared helps my day go much smoother when I want to leave the house at the last minute. This way at a moments notice, my ladies and myself are ready for a play date, the beach, a trip to my mums, the park or anywhere else the wind takes us. The trick to all of this is to keep the bag stocked. When I get home and put the girls down for the night, I will go through the bag and replace anything that I have used. I even wash the swimsuits and put them back in the bag for next time.

Any other mamas out there have a Mary Poppins bag all their own? What are your tips and tricks for getting out of the house quickly and easily with young ones?


3 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Bag of Tricks

  1. I too have a Mary Poppins Bag šŸ™‚ Mine is a big blue canvas tote. I have a small tupperware container full of Animal Crackers, Cheerios and Heinz Toddler Biscuits. I have diapers, bibs, a change of clothes and age-approriate toys for each boy, a change pad, wipes, vaseline, my nursing canopy, crayons, a pad of paper, a pacifier, receiving blankets, sunscreen, polysporin, bandaids, After-Bite and Baby Tylenol. I usually throw in my camera as well. I find having the stroller, a small bag of toys for Charlie, the booster seat and a big blanket already in the trunk of the car helps me a lot when I decide to go on mini-trips. I am also going to start carrying Charlie's walking harness and Samuel's Snugli in the car so we can get out and walk anytime.

  2. Ooh! I liked the idea of the polysporin and I went to Dollarama and bought a tiny first aid kit to keep in the car. I don't totally get the walking harness Lucy just isn't a runner I guess.

  3. Charlie would walk from our house to Digby, get on the ferry to NB, get off in St.John and keep on walking until he got to Vancouver if we let him. Kid never stops!!!!! Maybe it's a boy thing, I don't know. Anyways, he would definitely get away from me very quickly without the harness.

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