Things To See And Do In Halifax

This is a picture of Lucy from last summer. It was her very first time going to the beach, at Rainbow Haven

With summer fast approaching and very little extra money in my pockets these days, i’m thinking that it could be fun to explore Halifax (please excuse the language and just enjoy) this summer. My family moved here from Cape Breton when I was 16, and since I graduated from High School I have been out of the area/country longer than I have been here. I have been to many, many places in the world. I have seen a lot of beautiful scenery and met some wonderful people..but nothing compares to Halifax. Here is my list of possible places to visit/things to do this summer. I figure every few days we’ll try to do something on the list.

Susie’s Shortbreads you had to know cupcakes would be my priority!
Metro Transit Ferry only $2.25 for adults
Walking everywhere downtown
Bedford Waterfront bonus..there is now a Starbucks across the road
Treehouse Cafe $2.26 for kids under 3, play as long as they like
Shubenacadie Wildlife Park a little ways out, but so worth the trip!
Justus Coffee shops and museum
Discovery Centre $8.50 for adults, free for kids 2 and under, $6 for kids 2-18
Peggy’s Cove
Rainbow Haven Beach
Halifax Public Gardens and possibly this while we’re there
The Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Farm
Bedford Institute of Oceanography

I would love to add to my list. What are your favorite things to do and see in the Halifax area, kid-friendly and not?


3 thoughts on “Things To See And Do In Halifax

  1. Katie, how funny are you to link to Sinead O'Connor! That made my night!If you are looking for things to do, I found a free magazine at St. Thomas Aquinas Church (called Familyfirst, I think…?) that listed different events for families in the HRM by the month. Stuff like farm tours and teddy bears' picnics! Something to consider!Also, my favourite kid-(un)friendly place is Trident: a used book store and delicious coffee, right by the train station so it makes for a nice walk. And Shubie park in Dartmouth is BEAUTIFUL! And a lovely place to stroll with babes. 😀

  2. splash pads (like at the North Commons)!!! free and easy and wonderful for kids. And there's a great jungle gym for kids of all ages near the Halifax Shopping centre (just behind it- it'd be on the Halifax website). Tons of stuff to do for free/cheap.I figure, why spend a whole wad of cash on them now (while so young) because they get as much/more enjoyment out of the free things and they won't even remember it anyway!!Good for you. We can all live like kings on only pennies!Tori

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