A Beautiful Baptism

Almost two weeks ago now, we took a little road trip to Moncton for a very special occasion. My sister Kerri and her husband just recently bought their first home and were having their first child Baptised. We were honored to be there for the Baptism of their sweet little boy, Jude Alan.

After the reception everyone went home, but we stayed on for two nights and enjoyed some much needed rest and catching up with family. Although we can be like day and night, Kerri and I are now both wives and mothers which I think has changed us both for the better. I am so grateful to have her friendship and to have her living closer. I know that she is always just a phone call away, and if I really needed her for something, only a 2 and a half hour drive.

Here is our little family sans husbands, boyfriend and my girls. We saw uncles and aunts from NB, PEI and the priest that Baptised Jude was a closer family friend on my dad’s side.

All in all, it was very touching to watch my little nephew being Baptised. Most people cry at weddings, and so do I, but I always find myself getting emotional at Baptisms. I think it’s because the significance is so powerful and life changing for someone who doesn’t even realize what grace is being poured out upon them. How wonderful that in our Church we can profess our faith for our little ones until they are old enough to do so themselves. Little Jude belongs to God in a special way now and we are all so very glad!! Congratulations Jude and welcome to the family!


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