Little Big Girl

The other night when getting Lucy ready for bed, I could not for the life of me find any of her soothers. Instantly, I panicked on the inside. “No soother?! she hasn’t slept without one since she was about 4 months old!!” I quickly thought of my options. 1) Ben is at work. I wonder if he can leave and go buy one for us until we find them? Or maybe mom or Kylie wouldn’t mind going to get one for me? 2) I’m just going to put her down without it and see what happens. I decided to go with the latter option. Once we finished her bedtime routine and prayers, she asked for her suce and I had to tell her that it was gone. She didn’t scream or cry, she just looked sad. She kept saying “find it” and “maybe”, enough to break my heart!! I put her down and she let out a good scream or two, but then just whined off and on for about 40 minutes. She did the same thing the following night and it looks like we are done with the soother!!!! I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to break her of the habit. It is one less thing to make sure we bring with us whenever we go somewhere or get her ready for bed. Praise the Lord!

Our little Lucy is on the verge of her 2nd birthday, and some big girl milestones. We will soon have to put her in a big girl bed because she has started trying to climb out of the crib herself. I’m also hoping to start some potty training in the near future. Sigh. How has she grown so fast?? Although I look forward to all of the wonderful things that she is going to be able to do for herself, there is a sadness at watching her become so independent and growing away from me. I know she will always need me, I still need my mom and i’m 21! 😉

Watching Lucy grow up so quickly is helping me to hold onto Abigail’s little-ness all that much more. My girls are so very precious to me and I am so grateful to be their mom. Motherhood, with all of its refining qualities and hard work, is still the most important work there is. It amazes me that God trusts me enough to help shape these girls into the women that He has created and called them to be.
I’ve never thought of myself as much of a baby person, but it doesn’t mean that I am in any hurry for my girls to grow up and become big kids. I am someone who finds it very difficult to stay in the moment and not always look to the future for when things will be better, easier. Having little ones that need so much care, love and attention is teaching me to slow down and enjoy my days just as they are, for the difficult and easy moments that each day brings.
Thank you, Lord for the grace to do the duty of the moment. Whether it be changing diapers, feeding my girls before I get to eat or helping them to become more independent step by step, thank You for never leaving my side. I know that I can do nothing without You, and i’m so glad I don’t have to.

One thought on “Little Big Girl

  1. It's so hard to see our children from stage to stage, because, in my opinion, it always feels like we're losing something of their childhood we will never get back. A lot of us spend so much time waiting for them to grow (crawling, walking, big beds, potties, etc), that it's hard to realise we didn't appreciate the moment. Three kids in and I'm still rushing through milestones with them. Thank you for writing this and reminding me that there's no rush. I want to treasure each child while they are still children. :)Also, holy smokes when did Abby's eyes turn brown? Gorgeous!

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