Nothing quite like a fresh peach on a hot summer day..

Tonight, Abigail enjoyed her very first peach. I cut it into long thin chunks so she could hold onto it more easily. When first starting to eat solids, babies can only eat what sticks out of the top or bottom of their fists. They don’t yet have the coordination to open their fist and eat out of it. That is why it’s important to cut things into long strips, like the shape of fries. You will notice that if it’s not long enough, baby will just get frustrated.

One huge difference between giving purees and BLW is that BLW encourages a child to learn to chew and keep food in their mouth and then swallow. When giving purees it’s mostly just about getting them to swallow it. Babies who have been breastfed will naturally find it a little easier to get the hang of chewing simply because their jaws are using to having to work harder to get milk than bottle fed babes.

What a simple joy, to enjoy a lovely fresh peach as God intended it! Abigail will now know that a peach looks, feels and tastes like a peach and not just the same as every other fruit. I know it may sound like I’m a little intense about not giving purees…and I sort of am. I really think that in the same way we would rather enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and lean meats in their truest form than all pureed up, our babes are no different. If we can teach them from an early age that food is to be enjoyed in all colours, textures, shapes, sizes and tastes, then they are more likely to be good eaters who enjoy variety. Variety is the spice of life people! 🙂

Here is my little peach eating a peach..


One thought on “Peaches

  1. Katie she is ridiculously cute! And obviously LOVES her food. I have done BLW in a fashion with both Reuben and Liam but teamed it with mashed food or spoon fed small pieces because they were both too hungry and I have to confess I was keen to cut down on the breastfeeds. I love the confidence it gave me though to give them all sorts of different things (like you said, variety is key) and also taught me to not worry about gagging – thats just them managing the problem! If they're making a sound they're not choking, its when they're silently choking that you worry cos thats when theyre not breathing. Had that happen once with Ru so now I know the difference!I need to get back to it though, I have become very lazy and feeding him to get it done quickly rather than having things ready for him to take his time feeding himself, and he is getting less adventurous because of it so thanks for the kick in the pants!

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