All Systems Go!

Abbie has been eating all sorts of things lately. The list of foods she has now tried includes.. corn on the cob, peaches, cucumber, roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, bread roll, vegan butter (on bread), banana, and pasta tossed in pesto. We’ve pretty much stopped doing the Oatmeal cereal and decided to just go for it! She’s a tiny girl, but man is she keen to eat. So adorable. She has also learned to sit up completely on her own as of last week so we are all systems go with BLW. Here are some pictures of our recent food adventures.


2 thoughts on “All Systems Go!

  1. Loving the corn pictures 🙂 and the video of peaches was priceless….I have to say, Andrew & I are intrigued by this, and watching Abbie's adventure with great interest 🙂

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