mary’s birthday

Yesterday was the feast of Mary’s birthday. We thought it a great occasion to break out our wine glasses, eat pie and share a meal.
Lucy really loves helping in the kitchen. Here she is, helping Ben make his familys to die for cabbage rolls. They’re lebanese style and made with mint, lemon, garlic and served with hummus and yogurt.

Abigail adores my sister…but most especially her long hair.

Wearing her new headband from my other sister..this girl makes my heart melt!

Celebrating Mary’s birthday with my sister and Nana. We sang Happy birthday to Mary and had blueberry pie for dessert.

Abigail thought that was a splendid idea. Cheeky girl.

Hope you had a lovely feast day as well and got a chance to honor our mama in some way. If not, there are plenty of Marian feast days to celebrate…take your pick! Let me just say that I love being Catholic. There are so many occasions to celebrate, to mark the passing of time, to rejoice in our God and His awesome Saints. We are so blessed!


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