farmers’ market

This past Saturday morning I decided to take the girls to the Seaport Farmers’ Market here in Halifax. Ben works on Saturdays and wasn’t able to join us, but I thought it would be fun to give it a go with both girls on my own. With Lucy in our single stroller and Abigail in the carrier on me, we made out just fine. We did lots of walking around, circling the whole place at least two if not three times.

There was lots of beautiful, local, fresh produce to be had by all. You could even smell the fruits and vegetables, which to me is a good sign! There were vendors with cheeses, meats, honey, handmade clothing, jewelry, art, and flowers among other things. I love the feeling at a farmers’ market. No one is in a rush, people are pleasant – even when you’ve just stepped on their toes with your stroller!

Lucy loved smelling the flowers and kept laughing because the long bits would tickle her nose.

At one point Lucy wanted to walk, so it became Abigail’s turn in the stroller. My girls are busy…and ya know? I like it that way!

There were lots of people as you can see..and this shot was taken from a little sitting area away from the crowds. I didn’t want to stop in the middle of the market and whip out my camera.. I can be bold..but a little shy when it comes to stuff like that.

We also enjoyed a yummy apple turnover made by some german bakers, I believe. Lucy was very happy about it!

We weren’t there to buy anything specific, but we did leave with this bunch of beautiful flowers for only $6. I love having flowers on my table, it brings me such joy to see them first thing in the morning and brightens our space.

Will have to go again sometime soon..hopefully with more hands to help so I can really check it out! Definitely a great place for families to teach their children the importance of buying local products, and eating fresh and healthy food. Maybe i’ll get up the nerve to have a table at the market someday and sell some of my goodies. Until then, I will keep going and supporting this awesome place and hope that if you live here or are visiting, you might do the same. Hope your weekend was as lovely as ours.


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