mama on a mission

About a month ago, when I was going through a rut I decided to create my very own mission statement. The idea came from this website, which I always find really motivating. I found myself just getting by from day to day and feeling like I couldn’t keep a grasp on the bigger picture and the goals I had for raising our girls. I needed a way to keep getting back to the core of what I wanted to accomplish in my life as a Christian, a wife and mother. I found this rang true to me and so I got out my paper and pen, read the ebook and started writing up my mission statement.

I read it everyday during my personal prayer to keep me grounded. I’m also considering printing it out and putting it up somewhere in the house..the kitchen perhaps? In case this interests you in the least, I thought I would share it with you. Although slightly embarrassing, I’m hoping someone is inspired to create their very own!

Katie’s Mission Statement
In order to become the woman that God created and intended me to be,
I will rise in the morning before my family and seek His face daily in prayer.
I will read scripture and grow to show more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control, according to the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
I will love, honor and serve my husband Ben in his work and in our home.
I will encourage and challenge him in his faith walk with Jesus.
I will teach my girls that God made them, knows them, loves them and has a very special purpose for each of them. I will teach them about our Catholic faith to the best of my ability and help them to become the beautiful, strong, passionate and capable women God has created them to be.
I will be an authentic witness in my faith and my vocation so that I might inspire and draw others closer to Christ through my example. I will make our home a welcoming and peaceful place of rest for my family and all that enter.

Whether or not I live up to this each day is not the point. Most days I won’t, because i’m only human. But, the wonderful thing is that I have something to bring me back, something to remind me what I am trying to do and how truly important this task of mothering is. On the days that I do manage to get up and pray first thing, it makes me smile when I read the line about rising to pray because it is at least one thing that I got right that day! If you end up creating your own statement, I would love to read it if you’re up for sharing. Yours in faith, Katie xo


2 thoughts on “mama on a mission

  1. That was so beautiful, Katie. I've always hated mission statements because they seemed so "business-like" but this was heartfelt, beautiful and inspiring. Something I need to think about and perhaps get started on one too.

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