God Provides

We received something very curious in the mail the other day. An envelope with no return address and no indication where it may have been sent from. Inside of this envelope was an unsigned note that read as follows:

Dear Ben and Katie,

Please accept this gift as a gesture of appreciation for your efforts to live your family life centered on Christ. This is very difficult to do in this day and age and it is hoped that this will serve as an encouragement to you.

Please see this gift as a sign of the Father’s love for you and your family.
Peace be with you!


Included with this note was a cheque … of a significant amount of money. Enough to pay for Ben’s landing papers so he can become a resident..and a little more. We hadn’t yet figured out how we were going to come up with the money for Ben’s residency. We were so in shock that we just started laughing. We laughed for several reasons..
a) we sort of thought it must be a joke and were waiting for a video camera to jump out of our closets and say “You’re on candid camera!”

b) we had talked about this VERY sort of thing just the day prior deciding that we really need to get more motivated with our finances and not wait for someone to randomly slip money under our door.

c) God seems to keep providing for us in the most beautiful and sometimes random ways. Why do we still doubt Him after all of this time?

What mattered more to me than the money was the note of encouragement. It really touched my heart to know that someone out there sees that we are living our family life for Christ. This made me think about how wonderful it would be if we all were to write a little note of affirmation for a family in our parish, or friends that we know are doing their very best and perhaps need a little boost.
I think we are often so caught up in the daily grind that we forget to stop and really look at how we are living and recognize how totally different it is from the secular world. To stop and see how beautifully we incorporate Christ into our homes in small ways and make Him known to our families and all that enter our homes just by putting ourselves aside and making Jesus front and center stage. Recently I have been feeling renewed in my purpose of being a stay at home mom. There is honor in spending our days with our children, putting our financial dreams on the back burner if only for these few years that we won’t ever get back with them.
If you are reading this and thinking, “wow I wish that would happen to us”, perhaps you could do it for someone else and it would give you the same wonderful feeling. Let’s encourage one another through this season of young family life and be willing to say to a friend, “You’re doing a great job with your kids” or “Your marriage is such a witness to me”.
To whomever sent us that lovely note and gift..bless you! You will never know the good that it has done our hearts and our family!

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