Happy News

This weekend is going to be quite busy. My mum’s birthday was Thursday, Lucy’s 2nd birthday is today and we will celebrate it on Sunday when Ben returns from Ontario. He is best man at a wedding for our good friends.

We decided to get Lucy tickets for The Wiggles concert in October as her birthday gift. She is going to LOSE. HER. MIND! I thought it would be nice for her to have something to open on her actual birthday so on a rainy day last week, us girls sat around and peeled crayons..and peeled..and peeled. It was actually a nice way to spend a grey afternoon inside.

In other news, our cheeky monkey has decided to start crawling. She’s been able to go backwards for about a week now but never quite with such intention. She’s still working on getting onto her knees but it’s so cute to watch her crawl backwards across the room. I am amazed to see it mostly because she is so tiny and her big sister didn’t start crawling until she was almost 10 months old. Abbie isn’t even 7 months yet!! I think she just wants to keep up with Lucy running around all day.

The paper was still a bit too hard for Lucy to peel off herself, so she was content to play with the peels like confetti. They look so bright and fun in the bowl that i’ve kept them in hopes that i’ll come up with some creative way to use/display them. Any ideas??

This girl wants to get into everything!! I am going to have to bring my cleaning up a notch since she is now picking through the carpet like she’s digging for gold. Bah!

I was really happy with how they turned out and I think Lucy will be thrilled to have something fun and chunky to colour with. I also got her a “My Little Pony” coloring book and a Veggie Tales DVD called “Snowpea Beauty” apparently like Snow White, only it’s about our inner beauty and how God sees us.

Another new development around here is that Ben received a phone call from the Immigration Canada office scheduling an appointment for him to come in and ‘get landed’. This is major news for our family. It means that he will finally (after nearly 4 years) be a Canadian resident with the freedom to OWN PROPERTY! we don’t have the money for a house just yet, but at least the possibility is there..we are so totally eccstatic. It also means that he won’t have to keep renewing his work visa. Most importantly though, it means that he will be able to attend his sisters wedding in New Zealand this Christmas. It has been a long four years waiting for this to all happen..lots of paperwork, lots of money put into it and lots of prayers, tears and anxiety. We are so grateful to God that he has chosen to lift this burden and let us get on with the next chapter of our family life. Please pray for us as we go in on September 28th to make it official! What happy news!


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