Two Already!

Ben arrived Sunday around lunch time. It was oh so good to have him home. I remember when I hugged him, I just kept breathing in, trying to take him all in. It was great to have him back and not a moment too soon. Lucy started a fever on Saturday before supper and refused to eat a bite of anything. She just wanted cold water. She was up through the night, as was Abbie and I was feeling it by morning. Lucy was doing much better by that point, very excited about her party that afternoon and happy to put on her party dress for the day (which I got at Value Village for $4.99 and it’s a GAP faux suede..huzzah!!)

We kept it simple this year, some cake and ice cream and a few gifts along with some family. In my mind it was no big deal, but to her it was a huge deal and all she really wanted i’m sure. She was so excited about her pony cake.

I also made some tissue paper pom poms from a tutorial on Martha Stewarts website. Very simple and colourful decorations that give big impact for not a lot of expense. I used embroidery thread instead of wire since I didn’t have any.

Our Lulu was so happy to have Daddy home. At this point, she was starting to get tired again and just wasn’t herself so we ended things a little early and ordered a pizza for dinner. It was a great day after such a long (but fun) time apart. Ben is truly a gift to me in our marriage and a wonderful father to our girls. We are so very blessed that he loves so much, is so patient and works so hard to take care of us all. I’m glad he was able to get away for a few days from the monotony of his jobs and have some beers, hang out with the guys and be there for his best friend on his wedding day.

Lucy got several packages from New Zealand and even one from British Columbia. She is one very loved little girl and I hope she knows it. I have loved these past two years (plus nine months) of being her mother. She is caring and sweet, independant and affectionate and so curious. Happy birthday baby girl, you are my treasure!! xox


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