Autumn Meal Plan

We have been making a weekly meal plan for quite awhile in our household. It saves us a lot of time, effort and money when it comes to getting dinner on the table in a timely fashion. There’s never the frustration of continually being asked what’s for dinner because it is clearly written and on the fridge. I sort of lost my meal plan mojo for awhile and was going crazy trying to keep things interesting and new, always trying new recipes and pouring over food blogs and cookbooks.

I’ve decided that simple and fresh is best. Abigail has joined us at the table, and with both girls eating now, I need to keep in mind what they enjoy eating and what Abigail finds easiest to hold with her little hands. There was a post recently on passionate homemaking about making up a monthly or seasonal meal plan. I’ve decided to join in and give it a try. It took me about an hour to work it all out but we now have an entire month of meals planned. I’m hoping to use it for at least two months to give it a real chance. Our suppers break down into the following “themes”..

Sundays- Roast

Mondays- Special/Other

Tuesdays- Pasta

Wednesdays- Soup

Thursdays- Leftovers

Fridays- Fish

Saturdays- Crockpot

First, I chose what our supper “themes” would be. Then I came up with four meals for each one. Then I plugged them all into a calendar and had a look at how it balanced out. I didn’t want to be eating rice four nights in a row or whatever. Here is what our meal plan looks like for the next month.

Week 1

S- Pot roast, veggies
M- Cabbage rolls
T- Fettucine alfredo
W- Chicken and baby corn curry soup
T- Leftovers
F- Salmon/rice/veg of some kind
S- Crockpot scalloped potatoes and beans

Week 2

S- Pineapple ham, veggies
M- Cottage pie (like Sheperds pie)
T- Low fat baked ziti with spinach
W- Butternut Squash soup with bread rolls
T- Leftovers
F- Fish chowder
S- Crockpot chili

Week 3

S- Roast chicken, veggies
M- Homemade veggie pizza
T- Homemade macaroni and cheese with peas from this book
W- Diane’s veggie soup
T- Leftovers
F- Fish pie
S- Crockpot creamy chicken and noodles

Week 4

S- Roast pork, veggies
M- Chicken Divan
T- Spaghetti bolognese
W- Chicken stew with bread rolls
T- Leftovers
F- Fish n’ chips
S- Chicken Taco Chili

As for breakfasts, oatmeal with honey and frozen blueberries seems to be king at the moment. Every morning when I go in to pick Lucy up, she always says, “Hi…oatmeal”. I’m hoping she will eventually start liking scrambled eggs to give us some variety!

Lunch is probably my biggest struggle as far as meals go. Sometimes it’s an odds and ends muffin tin sort of lunch. Other days it’s leftovers, but I really would like to make more effort and have something like quesadillas or baked beans on toast. What is your family eating these days? I’m always so curious about what other people like to cook and eat with their families, especially those with small children.

I’m hoping to share recipes for some of these meals in the next little bit so come back and check it out. Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Autumn Meal Plan

  1. Great idea, Katie. I have often thought about doing this in the past and have never gotten down to it. Maybe I will try it. I really should get something going for when I go back to work!The big hits for lunch lately at our house seem to be:-Tortilla grilled cheese (I sneak veggies and/or chicken in there whenever I can)-Chicken mozarella (pound a chicken breast flat, shake n bake for 15 minutes at 400F, top with shredded moz), and then some veggies on the side-Kid-Friendly Guacamole (mashed avacado with a little lime juice, salt and pepper) and bread to dip.-Homemade sweet-potato fries done in the oven with a little olive oil.-The ever popular Ham-Tart-Mac and Cheese with veggies (boxed or homemade)-Multi-Grain Man (whatever bread, spread/dip, fruit/veggies you may have at that time)-Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and red peppers-Leftover meatballs (I try to keep some in the freezer, with sauce)-Carrot sticks, apple slices, raisins, deli meat rolled up and salad-dressing "dip"-And, if all else fails, cold cereal with frozen blueberries.:)

  2. Quick and easy what Sophie LOVES for breakfast or lunch- EGGOS!Now I know it sounds awful…. buttermilk eggos covered in syrup WHAT?! But no. You can buy Nutri-Grain Eggos that are whole wheat and low in fat and sugar… comparable to cereal!!Then I put PB and/or Jam on it and she LOVES it. Serve with fruit and it's actually a really good meal!!!Try those stuffed shells too. Really easy to make and Lucy seemed to love them! They have all food groups in one dish!And we often do leftovers for lunch. You know, when there aren't enough to do another dinner… I figure if it was good enough/healthy enough for dinner then it's gotta be good for lunch! Sophie's all time fav for lunch is KRAFT DINNER. I try to up the health factor in it by stirring in frozen veggies and/or left over meat… usually doesn't bother her and she eats it up!Thanks for the dinner ideas. We always need more, things get so monotonous!Tori

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