Chai and Crafting

I finally got around to making this Chai mix which I found via Salt & Chocolate. I have to say that it tastes better than I expected and it has been a real mid-afternoon pick me up on the cold afternoons we’ve been having. I never grew up having afternoon tea but I am trying to get into a rhythm of doing it daily in our home. It is a nice break in our day to catch up with Ben when he gets home from work, and to enjoy a little treat together.
I’ve also been trying to sort through all of our summer things to be packed away and keeping a mental list of what the girls will need for the winter months. I picked up the sweetest little hat with cat ears and a pair of mittens for Abigail last night. Lucy was given quite a few warm pieces of clothing for her birthday which was a blessing, and now all they need are snowsuits, boots and some tights or thermals.
It is in moments of thinking about what they need, that I wish I could knit. We have a new shop in our town where they offer beginner’s knitting lessons as well as workshops specifically for making socks and mittens. I think I may look into something like this, as it would occupy the winter nights quite nicely while I sit in my PJ’s and sip Milo.
I’m slowly getting better at sewing, thanks to choosing small, easy projects to boost my confidence. I made Lucy a Halloween bag for her treats..

As well as a mini drawstring bag with no real purpose other than to practice making them

It’s been up for ages now, but I also made a Scalloped Bunting Banner for our entryway in fall colours. My favorite project was probably the Rice Therapy Bag which I grew up just calling a ‘Magic Bag’..although magical, I think it may have been the brand name. I’ll have to put up pictures another time as it’s too dark in here now to take any good ones.
The key to keeping me sewing seems to be not putting the machine away. When it is out on our table and in plain view, I use it far more often and remain comfortable using it. When it’s been put away for a few days, I already find myself forgetting how things work and feeling more intimidated by the thing. I am so very thankful to my mum for letting me borrow it! It’s been fun to date and I’m hoping to make a few special things as Christmas gifts this year.
I think all mamas need some sort of creative outlet whether it be baking, crafting, working out, reading or all of the above. It’s all good for the soul and in turn for our families, I believe.

One thought on “Chai and Crafting

  1. Great bags! I'm halfway through making treat bags for Norah, Simon and my two Ottawa nephews. I was given a bunch of cute, kid-ish Halloween fabric, and that seemed like the logical project! My kids won't really go trick or treating, but they'll make a couple of stops to see family, and I think they'll enjoy having special bags for the occasion.It's true that keeping your machine in plain sight makes a big difference. I've got my craft desk set up in the kids' playroom so I can sew while I keep an eye on them. Otherwise, I doubt I'd ever touch it!

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