We’re Still Here

We’ve had a busy week and a bit here in the Andrews home. This is honestly the first time that I have had a chance to sit and do a bit of catching up here. Last Saturday, Lucy and I went to The Wiggles concert in the city. I was surprisingly pleased with how entertaining and down to earth the four men were. The dancers were strong and beautiful, and of course, Wags the Dog was there which I’m sure is all Lucy cared about. You would never have known she was enjoying it based on the look on her face. She was in complete awe at the whole show and cried when it was over.

The only photo I was able to get of her smiling was when Wags the Dog came onto the stage..

We got home from the concert around 6pm and quickly gave the girls supper and sent them off to bed so that Ben and I could get ready for our date. We went to a Halloween dance at the local Kinsman Centre which truth be told was pretty quiet until we showed up. There was no one on the dance floor! This may have been due to the fact that the DJ looked about 60 and didn’t have a single song that was newer than the year 2000. We still had lots of fun because we went as a group (Ben, myself, my 2 sisters and their men, and two of my sisters friends). We stayed on the dance floor the entire time we were there, had a few drinks and really enjoyed being dressed up in our costumes. Ben went as Barney Stinson and I went as a 1920’s Flapper girl. It felt so good to go dancing! I recommend at least one fun night out of dancing between babies, haha! I only got one between Lucy and Abigail and I am hoping for a few more this time around. Sadly, I have no pictures to show you of our night out, hopefully my sister’s friend might email me some so I can share at a later date.

The next day was Halloween. We went to Mass in the morning, had naps then headed up to Nana’s for some fun. Lucy was a pink bunny rabbit, a costume handed down from when my littlest sister was about 2, and Abigail was a peacock, admittedly a last minute purchase at Old Navy. They were seriously cute, and their cuteness was made exponentially cute when their forces were combined with their little cousin, Jude. He went as a giraffe. I wanted to eat him.

They were pretty content sitting in the wagon all together as we pulled them around my mom’s subdivision. We only went to 4 or 5 houses, but it was fun for them, Lucy especially. We then went back to mom’s for some supper and enjoyed a few treats before bed.

Monday was a pretty restful day, thankfully. We stayed in our pyjamas most of the morning and then took the girls up to the Treehouse cafe to play with Jude. We didn’t do much in the way of celebrating All Saints day, mostly because I didn’t plan a whole lot. This is a feast day that I have never really celebrated so I am still getting some ideas on how to do that while making it more special or at least as special as Halloween night. I am glad that we have decided to carry on some Halloween traditions in our family. Ben being from New Zealand, didn’t really celebrate it growing up and in our family, we went all out. I enjoyed the balance we had this year. Some family visiting, a costume, a few treats, that’s enough I think. Especially when your children are 2 and 8 months old.
Slight tangent, but I think the most important thing when trying to incorporate new family traditions and celebrations when your children are still young is to go easy on yourself. Don’t celebrate everything, or plan huge labour intensive, time consuming projects. I know myself well enough to know that if I feel it has to be impressive or martha-esque, I’m likely not to bother at all. We have a handful of Saints that we talk about in our home that we are trying to incorporate into our yearly celebrations. Some of them are name Saints, like St. Lucy and St. Thérèse of Lisieux. On those days we just add a special dessert to our meal to mark the occasion. In future we may throw in a little gift or a Holy card for the person who’s name it is. It can be as simple as adding that Saint to our prayer time at the end of the day or the end of a Grace.. “Saint So and So pray for us”
Back to our weekend..it was busy, it was fun, and these last few days have been spent catching up on laundry, and putting things back into the rooms where they belong. Do anyone else’s kids insist on dragging things from room to room resulting in kid stuff EVERYWHERE??? It amazes me how the mess quickly threatens to take over our home if I am not on top of it every. single. day. This is not a reflection of my husband, we love him dearly and rejoice when he is home for the weekend, but man, does our place take a beating when he is home. For some odd reason, all routine and rhythm go right out the window when Daddy is home. I think it’s a good thing, but it could use a little work so we can enjoy it more. I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend even though it was awhile ago now, and are getting back on track as we are here. Much love and blessings to you!

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