Two Years Today

It’s been awhile since i’ve found some quiet time to sit and do any thinking or writing in this space, but this morning I found myself up early enough to see Ben off to work. I’m sitting here drinking my coffee while the girls sleep, and although I would love to be sleeping, too, it just feels so good to take in this quiet morning all on my own.

(blue daisies that Lucy picked out for me at the grocery store)

Things haven’t been too busy around here per se, we’ve been keeping our regular rhythm through the day, but my heart has felt busy. The girls both have a cold and I think Abigail is working on cutting her two top teeth. At least I hope that is the reason she has been up nursing twice a night for the last two weeks now.

I can’t even believe that we are already almost half way through November. Today is the second anniversary of my father’s death. There is no real poetic way to say that. It is what it is, and today my heart aches to be with him. To see him hold and hug and kiss and play with our girls. He would have loved them dearly and spoiled them rotten. One of his brothers came over the other day to bring us some furniture given to us by my Godmother, and watching him play with Abigail nearly tore my heart out. This day wouldn’t be so hard if Dad’s birthday wasn’t also just around the corner on November 22nd. Today I will take the girls to get some Poinsettia flowers and we will go to his grave and spend some time. I will make sure the girls are respectful of the other graves around us, but I will let them play on his. I know he would have wanted them climbing all over him. The girls are growing, always growing and I am trying as best I can to just breathe their littleness in and give thanks that I am here to enjoy them. If you have an extra moment to pray today, could you please offer up a prayer for all of our family who will surely be missing my dad, Alan, today. Thanks so much! I hope you all have a blessed weekend.


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