Our Advent Calendar is in the Works

After my last post about Advent calendars, I decided that it may indeed be time to get off my behind and actually make one. I looked and looked and looked and finally realized that I kept coming back to the same one. It is festive but still simple and the pockets looked big enough to hold whatever we decide to put in there. I had also seen a variation of it in purple which I quite liked, but I can’t seem to move away from the red at Christmas. It just feels so cheerful!
The decision made, I loaded up the girls and headed to Fabricville since our car is waiting on repairs and I can’t take it on the highway to get to any thrift stores for cheaper fabric. I found some linen, some iron on interfacing and some red satin ribbon. After the cost of that, I figured I would just find red scraps of fabric around our home. Apparently we own every shade of pink under the sun, but not a single red thing. I ended up ripping the cute red and white gingham fabric out of the old picnic basket the girls have in their play room. I also found an old pair of baby overalls in red plaid that they never wore. And so, after gathering everything I decided to procrastinate and put it all aside. There is something about starting a big project like that that intimidates me. I always need a few days and some self pep-talking to get going. I started cutting out the pieces last night. I’m not done yet but that’s ok. I’ve decided that this is next years Advent calendar. If it gets done before this years Advent starts, then great. But I would far rather take my time and put the little details onto it that I would like rather than rush it and end up hating it, only to have to start all over again next year. I would show you some pictures but I can’t for the life of me find my camera battery charger…hopefully I will be able to give you a preview in the next few days. I do, however,  have a few pictures to share with you. I went to a local thrift shop about a month ago and picked up this gorgeous old children’s Christmas book for $1. It really wasn’t in any shape to give it to my girls, but the little pictures throughout it where still quite nice and I thought would make really cute gift tags or ornaments. Here is a picture of the book and also of some of the pages. I will show you the finished ornaments I made once I find the charger.
In other news, Ben’s permanent residency card still has not arrived in the mail. We are praying that it gets here soon so that he will have smooth re-entry into Canada on his way home from New Zealand. If you could say a little prayer for this, we would be so appreciative. It feels like this is the last big step in feeling secure in Ben being here.
 I can’t believe he is leaving so soon, this time has just flown by. I’ve got to get in hardcore Advent prep mode so that I can sit back and enjoy the time with the girls once he is gone. I am overjoyed that he is going home after all of this time to be with his family and enjoy his sisters wedding and Christmas, but I am also extremely nervous about spending two full weeks on my own with the girls. I know God will be with me in all of it, and I just need to remember that and lean on Him. We will miss Ben, of course, but I know this will be the refreshment that he needs from working so much these last 7 months. Now that he is ‘acting manager’ he doesn’t need to work so many evening shifts at his other job and is here 5 out of 7 nights of the week. This is a huge blessing to all of us and I am so grateful that God is giving us this time as a family again. I will never take it for granted now that I know how much work it is to parent alone and also how lonely it feels. Ben is such a gift to the girls and I and we are enjoying his time with us at supper and bath/bed immensely!
With the First Sunday of Advenut only days away, I have to get back to making some little things, but I pray that your Advent preparations are coming along nicely and peacefully. Jesus doesn’t want us freaking out! haha! Peace!

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