Mother Mary Comes To Me

Our parish recently started a monthly Family Rosary & Potluck group. We’ve only met once so far and it went beautifully. Having heard that I was one of the women helping to organize this group, a friend of mine from the parish called me the night before our group was supposed to meet.
This friend is an amazing woman. She has endured a lot of personal hurt and the end of her marriage many years ago. She has never stopped coming to Christ in the most beautiful and vulnerable way I have ever seen. She is well into her fifties but can be found always with the teens of our parish, who seem drawn to her easy smile and mothering heart. For many years she would bring teens and also a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, into homes of parishioners who were ill and dying. There they would pray the rosary and pray for healing and strength of these individuals. I hope you will understand now, why I was so humbled and cried when she called and said, “You are supposed to have the Our Lady of Fatima Statue.”
She said that from the moment she saw our announcement in the bulletin, she knew that Mary was ready to travel again. At the foot of the statue it reads, “Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima”. My friend said that she knew this statue was meant for our group and that she would be a wonderful presence at our monthly meeting as well as a blessing in the homes of those who need her gentle love and prayers. This is no tiny statue. She is almost as tall as Abigail, and completely beautiful. I feel so unworthy to have her in my home. The scripture that comes to mind for me is when Elizabeth says to Mary, “Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me.” She has become the focal point of our living room and a simple glance at her in a moment of feeling like I am in the thick of madness with babies and I breathe a little easier. I know she has been here. Teething, tantrums, little sleep at night. She knows. She knows. I know that she will be with us in between her visits with other families and it gives my heart great joy to know she will be in our home.
I have wanted a beautiful statue of Mary in our home from the day we were married. They are difficult to come by, unless you don’t mind the crossed eyes or the high price tag. I wanted something simple, beautiful and what I was given was so much more. She came to us while the NET girls were here and it just so happened that one of them was at the tail end of her consecration to Mary. I remember wanting to consecrate myself to Mary while I was on the road but always thought that the prayers were too long. At least, that was my excuse.
I always felt that I didn’t need Mary, because I had such an awesome mom. Now an adult, I understand that my mom is in no way perfect and that I shouldn’t expect her to be. As children we expect everything of our parents. They are our whole world. What I have learned recently is that if the only thing I ever do as a parent is point to our TRUE Mother and Father, than I have been a good mother to my girls. I want them to know that even when I can’t be there for them, or fix the hurt in their hearts, Mary can. If they grow up knowing Mary to be spotless, pure and lovely, then it won’t break their hearts when they find out that I am not super mom. It will be okay that mom is just human..and broken, because they have a woman to look up to that isn’t.
To those that would judge me and say that I am ‘shoveling my religion down my kids throats’ I would say this – Life. Is. Hard. – and I don’t want my children ever wondering if God cares about them. I want them to know it. I believe that those who don’t offer their children any kind of faith or belief while they are being raised are doing their children a huuuuuuuge disservice. I pray every day that by my perseverance and faith, I can give my daughters the tools they will need to go out into this world and bring Christ with them to be a light for those who have none. Let’s dream big for our kids, eh? How do I know what my children will become? I don’t. So until then, I will just keep giving Lucy and Abigail back to Our Lady and pray that she will help me to become more like her, in that she is always pointing to Jesus. I am happy to be a road sign if it means my girls will know how Jesus loves them.
Getting back to Mary. Do I pray the rosary daily? no. Have I felt the urge to since she has been spending every day in my home? Surprisingly, yes. I am not one for formal prayer. Most that know me would likely agree. I’m a bit more of the Holy Spirit wham-in-yo-face kind of a lady, but in my life right now? Mary knows that I need her, especially with Ben leaving on Monday for 15 whole days. I have felt called to pray more since she has been here and to bring to her the intentions of those I love. If you would like me to pray for you or for anyone who is on your heart please leave me a message in the comments/send me a facebook message or even email me at Mary is for everyone. She is the Mother of us all and I pray that I can share her in the way that I have been asked to. She won’t be with us forever, but she is for now and I couldn’t be happier!

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