Day 5

Christmas day is in a week from tomorrow and it’s so very hard to believe that Advent is going by so quickly. Ben left for New Zealand 5 days ago now and we have another 10 to go before we will see his smiling face again. He is a groomsmen in his sisters wedding today and will stay on for some time at the beach with his dad and for Christmas with his family. It has been over 4 years since he has been home to New Zealand and I couldn’t be happier for my darling hubby, who is stuffing his face with ‘kiwi’ food and drink and soaking in some sun and building new memories with his family.
We miss him dearly, but thanks to technology we have seen him through Skype twice already. These last 5 days have gone incredibly smoothly and I really can’t and won’t complain. The thing I was most afraid of was that I would spend the whole time he was gone throwing myself a pity party and not enjoy a moment while he was away. Silly me forgot that I have two young and very busy girls to keep up with! We have spent most of our time at home keeping our routine, but have ventured out for a bit of shopping and time with nana. I am so thankful to have family nearby. I don’t know that I could have done this completely on my own for 2 full weeks. We are so very blessed that my mom will be off for almost the entirety of his time away. We will also spend a few nights staying at her house so that we will not be alone on Christmas morning. I think it will bring everyone a lot of joy to see young kids opening gifts in that house again. There is something so wonderful about watching the wonder and awe that small children have when opening gifts, praising God in their own way, and just celebrating being alive.
Lucy has taught me so much about letting go of the past and future and just being in the moment. Whether she is laughing, dancing, crying, eating, playing, praying she does it with her whole being and all of her enthusiasm. I am thankful for her spirit in my life!! I think sometimes as adults we can get a bit serious and forget that Jesus laughed too. Can you imagine not only the prayer and faithfulness that would have filled the home of the Holy Family, but the JOY! Oh the joy of having a lively little boy in their home. Our children are such a gift to us, even when they are difficult. I think I love Lucy more now than I did when she was not speaking yet or walking or throwing fits. I love watching her grow and change and slowly become the amazing woman that I know she will become. I am so blessed to have a spirited child who loves with her whole heart.  Tonight she was shaking water out of her sippy cup and into her hand and blessing Abigail on the head saying, “Father, Spirit, Holy Spirit”   It just melted my heart!!

Instead of spending these 2 weeks pouting and missing Ben ( I do enough of that in the evenings on my own), I am making an effort to find joy in my girls and to spend time preparing our hearts for Jesus’ birth. Lucy is very excited that it will soon be Jesus’ birthday. I have a feeling that cake will quickly become part of our Christmas morning traditions, although, not the frosted kind much to Lucy’s disappointment i’m sure. I’m thinking more along the lines of a coffee cake that can be served with coffee or hot chocolate before or after the opening of gifts. We will also still be doing the ‘Rule of 3’ where each person gets 3 gifts from mum & dad because that is how many Jesus received. I think this will also help us keep from going overboard each year in the way of spending. They will also get a Christmas stocking filled with goodies from Père Noel (Santa). This year the girls will get a combined stocking since Abigail is still so little. Most of it is food, little snacks but i’ve also put in some slippers, a colouring book of Mother Mary and….panties! I am hoping that Miss Lucy will be excited about big girl underwear and may even want to potty train sometime in the near future. That would be all I want for Christmas! Ha!
I pray that your Christmas preparations are going well and that you are still finding time to just sit and let your heart be filled with all of the hope for the coming year that Christ has to offer. Have a blessed weekend and please pray for us that the time without our amazing man goes quickly~

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