A Space for Mama

Four years of apartment living and two babies later, this mama has decided that she needs a space to call her own. A space where she can create, dream and doodle. A space where a project can be picked up and put down without worrying which of her babies will get into it.
I have tried many a time to find the ambition to bring my sewing machine out onto our kitchen table and then put it away again after each use, but it just doesn’t work and I just don’t end up using it. I have big dreams of getting creative, I know that I have some creative bones in my body and I have finally realized that I am worthy of a space all my own..no matter how small. Friends, I give you….my walk-in closet (technically a walk-through closet since it links our bedroom and bathroom together)

This desk has certainly proven it’s usefulness over the years. We bought at Ikea to use as a computer desk, then it became an extra spot to put things down in our kitchen and now it is a desk for all things creative! This space isn’t much to look at since it just came together this morning, but I am looking forward to adding a bit of colour here and there and will post a picture sometime soon to show you what I’ve done with it. Do you have a spot for crafting in your home? I surely wouldn’t say no to a space like this or this but right now, in our little apartment? This will do the job just fine!

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