A Wintery Weekend

We finally have snow! It started falling a few days ago and has mostly stayed put. Lucy was very excited about it and kept asking if she could walk in the snow. On Sunday, we got all of our winter gear on and drove over to my mum’s to play in her yard. Poor Abigail, she is so small and her snowsuit always seems so big on her. She sort of looked like a starfish. We enjoyed a bit of time in the fresh air, but it really was too cold to play so we went inside.

Monday proved to be much nicer and without wind. We have all been a little under the weather with sore throats and colds but we thought it would be good to still get out there, even if only for a short time. We got geared up again and this time took the girls for a ride in their sled down a walking track nearby. Thankfully, people had been out walking before us and the path was worn well enough that we could pull the girls along. They both really enjoyed it. I didn’t really feel like going since I have been engrossed in ‘Breaking Dawn’ for the second time (I want to read it before the movie comes out this summer..don’t laugh!) but Ben convinced me to join them and I am so glad I did. Fresh air really does wonders for my spirit. I hope you are all enjoying the snow as much as we did this weekend! Bless your week!

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