In the Kitchen

With this cold winter weather brewing outside, we have been spending lots of extra time in the kitchen. Whether it’s making a hot drink or baking up some muffins, soup or bread, there has been a lot of warmth in our apartment. I am so grateful for that. We have yet to actually turn our heat on because of all the warmth radiating from our little kitchen.
I’ve been feeling a little sad and cooped up recently and told Ben that painting our kitchen might just do the trick to cheer up my winter blahs. He went along with it, God bless him and helped me paint the kitchen last weekend when he was off. We were able to get it all done while the girls had their afternoon nap and here is the end result. We love it.
Lucy and I made Snow Balls and they were delicious..especially straight out of the freezer.
The other night we made Lazy Lasagna. This is super easy, delicious and low fat. I got the recipe from someone at my Weight Watchers meeting when we were living in Ottawa. Lucy was able to help a lot with this particular recipe and she was very excited to show Daddy her ‘zania’ when he came home from work.

Tonight we had Butternut Squash soup and simple, so warming. I love how much my girls love this soup and keep asking for more and more. Lucy and I made granola this morning and hopefully i’ll make some Everything Cookie Bars to satisfy my sweet tooth which has been insane as of late.
Those who know me would probably assume that I love to cook since I seem to do a lot of it. Truth be told, I don’t. I love to bake but cooking, meh. I think what I really love is feeding people. Something about watching people eat just fills my heart with joy and therefore, I will cook all day long just to see that smile on your face when you bite into something homemade and comforting. Ben laughs at me because I am constantly saying, “oh we should make this casserole for so and so or bring some muffins to that guy” I may never have 8 children, but the thought of cooking for that many doesn’t intimidate me in the least. My grandmothers each had 6 and 8 children and boy could those ladies feed a crowd. My maternal grandmother lives alone now and always has her fridge freezer full and also a stand up freezer in her back room. It’s ridiculous. If you were to open it, there would be several pies, homemade bread, batches of soup, jam, and anything else you could imagine needing should we go into WW3. I hope that someday when we have our own little house (hopefully with a GINORMOUS kitchen) that I will be the same way. There is so much to be learned in the kitchen that I don’t think I will ever be done and I am quite alright with that. Put a pot on and I’ll be there, all ears.
I would love to hear about how you’ve been spending these cold days and what you’ve been making in your kitchens..

One thought on “In the Kitchen

  1. Hi Katie! Haven't read up here in a while but nice to see you guys are keeping warm and happy. LOVE the colour your choose for the kitchen. Isn't it amazing what colour can do to light you up? We've been making a lot of healthy, wholesome and warming food lately. -Try a turkey chille, mmmmm. -Or Shepherd's pie, stuffed with veggies and use salsa or BBQ sauce instead of ketchup! (we also use ground turkey for that).-I also like a super simple chicken chille in the crock pot: Throw in some chicken thighs, a jar of salsa, can of beans and a can of corn. Cook all day then pull the bones out and stir. Serve with a little cheese.-Pulled pork on a bun. I take a good but cheap pork shoulder (or any pork roast) and throw it in the crock pot. Cover it with half a bottle of any BBQ sauce and dice up a whole onion and throw it in. After it's good and cooked and falling apart, pull apart with forks and mix it into the sauce. so delish.I love winter cooking. As much as I love summer BBQ and fresh salads, there's something to be said about food that sticks to your bones and warms you from the inside out.Keep warm! xoTori

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