A Marathon, Not A Race


I think I have forgotten how young my children are. My girls are almost 1 and 2 1/2. They are not 5 and 6 1/2. Every morning when they get up, the race is on. It is so easy to get caught up in what seems urgent with children this small. They are not patient little people. When they want a drink, they want it yesterday. Same goes with a snack, a story, a diaper change, etc. There are days when I feel like I’m rushing and running and hurrying through the day and don’t even notice it until they are down for their afternoon nap. Yes, the house is tidy, the kitchen is in a good state, but I am a mess. I feel frazzled, frustrated, hungry and usually notice that I have barely touched my coffee or said two words to God.
I need to simplify. The question remains, how do you keep your life simple when you have young children? For me, it means literally stopping what I am doing and bring God to mind. I might sit down with my rosary or put on some praise and worship music. The point is to just stop. This is not a race, it will all be there tomorrow. More laundry, more meals, more toys on the floor, more mess to clean. Being someone who likes to-do lists and crossing them out, I struggle with this. Living life as a marathon rather than a race can be difficult. Yes there will always be more to do, but there will also be more grace. More of God’s loving grace to help me start fresh each new day.
(potato painting cut with a heart shape into it)
These winter months make me feel like i’m dragging my feet, my eyes are burning and my body just wants to crawl back into bed and the more I rush and push myself, the more resentful I become. It is me that overcomplicates my life and my day, it is me pushing my agenda, my to-do’s onto my girls and saying “mama’s cleaning, hold on one minute” all. day. long. Would it be so terrible if my house was less tidy? or terrible if there were more signs of healthy playing kids throughout our home? Please hear me rightly, my apartment never looks like it is out of a magazine, I am not a neat freak by any standards but I do enjoy my home to be tidy and livable. So then why do I care so much about what others think of my home and the state of it? If my house was less tidy perhaps I would have more time for playing with the girls and doing the things I really enjoy and I would be more relaxed…who knows.
All I know is that when life starts to feel complicated, when I get ahead of myself and start acting like I’m God (or superwoman) it is time to simplify. Leave some things undone and take time to stop and soak in God’s love, even if I do have busy little ones playing around me. God is good and I know that He loves me even when I am acting like a bossy little child who wants to be in control.
I really loved the prayer in Small Steps today, “Forgive me for the times I’ve taken your peaceful, serene world and muddied it up with my own orchestrations. Unite my will to yours; let me act in simplicity, knowing I’m doing what you would have me do, and only that.” Hop over to Elizabeths to read about how others are striving for simplicity.

3 thoughts on “A Marathon, Not A Race

  1. I've followed your link from Elizabeth's blog, thank you for this beautiful post. Man, "It is me that overcomplicates my life and my day, it is me pushing my agenda, my to-do's onto my girls and saying "mama's cleaning, hold on one minute" all. day. long." really hits me hard- I am constantly saying this to my littles!

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