Look Who Turned One!

Our darling little Abbie turned 1 today. We celebrated her big day on Wednesday though, to accommodate for all those work schedules that were conflicting. It was so wonderful to have a small party for our small girl. It was very stress free since Ben and Lucy went to pick up cupcakes that morning as well as a fruit tray. I made coffee, and that was pretty much it to be honest. We sang, we ate, we opened gifts and everyone had a chance to hug and squeeze the birthday girl. She is such a treasure.
I have been truly terrible at writing things down as they happen with both of our girls. I’m certainly not good at preserving our little memories, but I do take lots of pictures. Or at least I try to. Abigail is saying ‘Dada’ and at her party she said ‘Babe’ while pointing to her new baby doll, a gift from Ben, Lucy and I. She loves to follow her big sister, loves to babble to herself, get into mischief and loves to be held and kissed and cuddled (oh how I love that).
With Abigail turning 1, there is a sense of accomplishment that I feel. Not that I thought she wouldn’t make it to 1, but it feels so wonderful that as a family, we made it through an entire year together victoriously. Abigail being our second child (on Earth) she has taught us so much as a family. She has taught us to relax, to go with the flow, to start getting ready to leave the house earlier, to laugh more, stress less, and I believe she has made all of us less selfish and more patient. If a 1 year old can teach us that, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the many years to come.

New Elmo doll & DVD from her grandparents all the way over in NZ

New baby doll that we bought her. She takes it everywhere now, so cute!

Lucy helping blow out the candle

Dragging her fingers through the icing

Lovely Abigail Miriam Thérèse, you have brought me to a new depth of motherhood I didn’t know was in me. Thank you for calling me to be a better, more loving, more patient, more joy filled mama. I love you sweet girl. Happy birthday.


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