Mary’s Flowers

I was the very happy recipient of some gorgeous purple tulips this Valentine’s day. Not wanting to throw them away as soon as they began to wilt, I decided to cut the ones that were looking a little sad and put them in a glass with some water. I thought they would make for a cheery sight in our bathroom or bedroom, but miss Lucy had other plans. She was watching me put them into fresh water and declared, “Those are Mary’s flowers”. Realizing what she meant, I agreed that they were and we both brought our little bunch of tulips over to our statue of Mary. What a simple way to show Our Lady some love and how beautiful that when we teach our children, they end up teaching us. I was grateful for the reminder that Mary is not unlike most women who love flowers and feels loved when we think of her. There you have it, Mary’s flowers.

That was a few weeks ago now and I wasn’t able to get a picture of those flowers but we had some sweet pink carnations for Abigail’s birthday which Lucy has now declared to be Mary’s flowers as well. Mary is one lovely mama and it made my heart sing to know that Lucy thinks of her that often. We put the cut flowers in a small glass and then after presenting Mary with the flowers Lucy got down on her knees, no joke, and began to pray the Hail Mary. I followed her lead and bent low to pray with my little daughter. There is no sweeter gift.

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