Not Our Home

It was too good to be true, friends. We went in for our home inspection this morning and stopped the inspector about halfway through because there was just no point in continuing. The roof needed replacing, there were soffits missing the whole way around the house (I don’t know what that means but they are expensive to replace). There were support beams missing in the basement. There were some cracks in the foundation, blah blah blah. I am so totally heartbroken because I was so sure that it was the house for us. How could it not be with the Church just across the road? I feel like such a fool to think that this old, charming house could be just right for us without really considering the amount of work that might need to be done on the place. Luckily we will get our deposit back and will only have to pay for 1/2 of the inspection, but I am so sad. I think I was letting my intense need to get out of apartment living cloud my good judgement and I became too attached to this house.

I guess this Lent really will be about letting go and letting God. Just not in the way I had first imagined. If you could continue to pray for us in all of this I would be so grateful. I am trying to be positive and trust that God has something better for us in mind but I am just afraid that we won’t find something as lovely as that house we just let go of. I’m now going to drown my sorrows in a poutine and some seriously delicious Glazed Pear and Yogurt Cake.


11 thoughts on “Not Our Home

  1. Oh Katie, I am so sorry. It would be really hard to come so close to having your home and then have to walk away. We are currently looking for places too, and I am constantly "moving in" to places mentally, before we even step in the door, only to be disappointed with what we find there. It's too huge a step for your family and financially to rush into something though. I know you know, but I think you did the right thing. Something else will come along, I'm sure of it. You're all in our prayers. Mourn your loss and take comfort that God is good and he will provide.

  2. I'm so sorry, but I have much empathy! We have several houses that I thought would be wonderful fall through our hands for a variety of reasons. Always heartbreaking! Praying you find JUST the thing.

  3. Katie, I am so sorry. I'll be praying for you. I am sure God has an even better house picked out for you. He'll reveal it to you when the time is right. It is still disappointing though.

  4. First, that is the best sorrow drowning plan I've heard in a while 🙂 Nice choices!And second, we are sending up lots more prayers for the perfect Andrews homestead. God has something lovely planned for you I just know it.

  5. We're all praying that the right home will come to your family. I know God must be preparing you for something lovely. I'm sure it's small comfort to know that relief and joy will eventually follow dissappoint the way Easter follows Lent. We love you and your family! Let us know if there's anythig we can do.

  6. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! I had a really good cry after it all went down and just gave it to God. Almost all of the snow has melted here and it's been great letting the girls play out on our deck. It's so reassuring that with or without a house, Spring is on it's way 🙂 God has a plan and I just need to be patient and trust that He has the perfect house for us somewhere out there 🙂

  7. Aw Katie, I know it's extremely disappointing, but you both made the right decision. A house like that would be an endless money pit and would SO not be worth it! You will find that perfect house and it will be even better than this one. I just know it!! :)Apartment living is hard, but know that you are not alone!! All of the Millers are squeezed into a tiny 1 bedroom apt to make ends meet, so I totally understand wanting to GET OUT and get into a house!! It will happen girly. All in God's time…

  8. p.s. Maybe lame, maybe not, but I miss you SO MUCH on facebook!!!! Praying that you have an amazing Lent and can't wait to reconnect with you after Easter! 🙂

  9. – that IS super helpful! Trusting in God's timing is not always easy and that is part of my lenten journey this year. We'll get there in the end and thanks be to God that He is patient with me :)Alpine Mama- I miss you on facebook, too!!! It's amazing to be relieved of the need to check facebook throughout my day though. I can't believe how difficult those first few days were but how well I am filling my time without it. I'm hoping to write about it soon when I get a few extra minutes!

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