Less Is More

Here we are, not even a week into Lent and the days are already getting lighter and slightly warmer. I’m not complaining, in fact I am loving it! but it does make for an interesting Lenten season. Our parish priest hit the nail on the head this weekend when he said during his homily, “we tend to think that when we are unhappy and really struggling that God is most pleased with us” or something to that effect. Yes, Lent is about saying no to ourselves but it is also about saying YES! to something else, something bigger or should I say someONE bigger.
My greatest vices at this point in my life are not alcohol or sweets or shopping. What gets between me and Jesus is the same thing that gets between me and my girls, me and the man I love, me and the laundry. Friends, I gave up Facebook for Lent. Of all the ridiculous things to be obsessed about, I love facebook. Being a stay at home mom who doesn’t have work colleagues, doesn’t have lots of community just yet and whose husband works a whole heck of a lot, it is my way of reaching out and communicating to the world. I doubt seriously that I will ever permanently give up facebook, as we have a lot of family and friends who are spread all over the world and it is a very easy way of keeping in touch with them. It is getting easier but I must say how shocked I was at myself at how many times I felt the inclination to ‘quickly’ check facebook, to hit refresh and see what everyone else in the world is up to. I gave up facebook with the intention of having less and I got so much more this week and so did my family.

I got more prayer.

I got more sleep.

I got to read more stories to the girls.

I got to slowly start potty training Lucy.

I did more loads of laundry than I can count on both hands.

I made more meals from scratch.

I spent more time with Jesus.

I spent more time living in the moment of my own life and not everyone elses. It is almost a relief to not feel the need to ‘check in’ all day long. I was using facebook as homebase and now I am trying like mad to make Jesus my homebase. To make Him the person I turn to when I am fed up with the moment I am in and not feeling like cleaning, parenting, cooking, etc. It has made me sad to see how much I try to escape throughout my day but God is so good and He is working in my heart, let me tell you.
The snow is almost entirely gone here and that means big things for the Andrews girls! It means getting out of the apartment and out onto the deck even if only for a few minutes at a time. I put their boots and coats on and they are in and out for nearly an hour. We also put their cardboard box house out there to play in. Take that super-overpriced Fisher Price houses!
With the house hunting and everything else going on I feel like bursting at the seams I have so much to say.
My lovely husband, Ben turned 30 a few weeks ago now and we celebrated him in a big way. There were lots of people, lotsssss of kids, a few Priest friends, lots of food and cake and lastly a guitar! He has wanted to learn the guitar for several years now but we could never afford to buy him one, let alone pay for lessons. I thought him starting a new decade was worth getting all our close family and friends to get in on it and people were so generous. We had more than enough to get him a guitar, a bag for the guitar, a tuner, some picks and at least 6-7 lessons. Ben works tirelessly and without complaint and he really deserved a good party and a gift that was really something just for him. I love that man!

These two are so cute! Painting together at the table.
Miss Lucy has started cutting her two year molars. Not fun at all. Poor girl has had a low but constant fever for the last few days and seems to have now started a cold to top it all off. I think she may also be having growing pains as she has called out to us in the night complaining of sore arms and legs and asking us to rub them with cream. If you could please say a little prayer for her, I know it will help her little body get through this rough spot. She spent most of the day lying on the couch watching cartoons or fighting with Abigail who seemed to know she wasn’t feeling well and just wouldn’t leave her alone.
Remember when I said I was going to stuff my face with Glazed Pear and Yogurt Cake? Here she is, in all of her glory. It was delicious and I totally plan on making one again sometime soon. It was dessert to start, it became breakfast with a cup of coffee and was snack later in the day with a glass of milk. I love food that is versatile like that 🙂 
We saw three more houses yesterday that were not great. We are going to see another one tomorrow morning that we are really excited about at 10am so please keep us in your prayers!
I hope God is speaking to you this Lent and showing you ways you can grow closer to Him. If you’re finding it difficult, just remember that when we say no to ourselves it leaves more room in our hearts to say yes to someone else who can give us so much more than anything this world has to offer.

One thought on “Less Is More

  1. Katie, I think I want to put up part of your opening paragraph on my fridge so it will remind me when I whine that I am not having tea or ice cream that "Lent is about saying no to ourselves, but YES to someone bigger."That is so inspiring. Thank you dear friend! And thank you for hosting such a lovely party; Patrick (and Noah!) and I enjoyed ourselves so much.

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